What Your Sleeping Position Says About You


When I talk about sleeping, I am not just raising my voice to say how important sleep is.

It gives us good rest and good health above all things. Just in case you are one of those that lack sleep all the time, think what causes that.

It might be your mattress and bed? Well, my advice is simple – sleepingguide.com helped me to rest better since my bed was a wreck! I never knew that one of the things that might be hurting me is my mattress.

Still, I’d like to focus on something interesting now and that is sleeping positions.

We all sleep in different ways and each position means something regarding our personality and also our comfort during sleep.

Fetal position sleeper

If you sleep this way, it means you get a good cozy sleep since the knees are bent toward your chest. Both men and women prefer this position since it creates more warmth during the sleep.

Not just that, when I am curled up like this, it makes me feel nice and comfortable. I get that nice soothing feeling of being almost swayed or hugged in someone’s arms.

Regarding personality, generally people who sleep in this position are quite genuine and lovely. Maybe you look strict or harsh on the outside, but that is just a mask to cover up the beautiful personality.

Side sleeper

I often tried this one as well. Most of the time when I am way too tired, so I just throw myself on the bed and dive into my pillow this way.

It doesn’t matter if knees are curled up or not. Side sleeping is comfy of course. One arm under the pillow or both arms in front of me and I doze off instantly.

Usually, this position means a character that is old-fashioned in thinking but on the other hand really likable and full of deep trust and emotions.

Back sleeper

Rarely seen, especially if all limbs are stretched out and looking like a log!

However, this position is good for women to avoid saggy skin on breasts and chest. For men, it makes no great difference in this case.

There is one slight problem here – if you snore, this is not the best position for you. It just increases this problem.

The good thing is that body aches will disappear with time if you sleep this way.

If you sleep this way, you are probably a person with great determination and standards. Or maybe a silent person that believes in principles.

Stomach sleeper

This is another common position. I like this one pretty much, but only when I have a nice pillow that doesn’t cause neck pain or strange jaw discomfort.

Arms can be on the sides or near the pillow – it is all the same and all good.

These people are delicate by nature. If you sleep this way, think… Maybe you have a lot of anxieties? Or often you show brash behavior and don’t think twice?

Just be careful, stomach sleep position might increase back and neck pain too. Try to have a small pillow, not those massive ones.

Best advice here is – no pillow at all. Trust me – my neck cracked all the time before I removed the pillow.

Starfish sleeper

Personally, I’ve almost never slept this way. It felt to me I’m all over the bed; just not my thing. I like legs and arms closer to me than to everything else around.

If you sleep this way, again you might notice more snoring (if someone tells you about this of course!).

And, you are also friendly, outgoing and caring – the life of the party!