10 Reasons Why You Should Opt for a Wellness Vacation

Are you looking at combining a exotic beach vacations with wellness? Do you want a holiday that rejuvenates you and gets you home with lasting benefits? If yes, then head out to a wellness retreat that is more than just an R&R. For wellness travel is the trending travel buzzword!

Wellness travel: the hottest trend for 2017

With urban lifestyles becoming more sedentary, travel choices are increasingly motivated by concerns of health and well-being. Travellers are seeking to combine their leisure time with holistic pursuits. Spas and fitness regimes are no longer part of holiday getaways, but the essence of travel destinations. Healthy activities and cuisine with a wellness underpinning are the latest fad. Holidays have become contextual, as wellness travel gains momentum.

The growth in wellness travel is a reflection of the trend to be fit and healthy. Individuals who work hard and have little time to focus on health want to make the best use of holidays to reenergise. Fuelled by this increasing demand for wellness retreats, spa resorts and off-beat destinations have positioned themselves as lifestyle choices. With personalised, bespoke experiences, wellness vacations have thus emerged as the holiday tonic for body, mind and soul.

Source: Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Why wellness travel?

Besides the two-in-one benefit of a vacation plus wellness, there are many more reasons why you should opt for a wellness retreat this holiday.

  1. To combine R&R with wellness

If you are planning to travel for an R&R then combine this downtime with wellness programmes. Visit an all-inclusive spa and jumpstart a healthy lifestyle with exercise, low cal cuisine, and spa treatments. A wellness holiday is the best way to take a break, whether by yourself or with your family.

  1. To enhance mental wellbeing

Holidays are the perfect opportunities to reconnect with nature, recoup from stressful routines and feed your soul. Book at a retreat for a total renewal of the mind and spirit. Set in beautiful locations, wellness retreats are the last words in relaxed indulgence. They offer you the perfect setting to recharge your batteries with holistic classes and spa crafted to heal your inner self.

Source: Dwarika’s Wellness Resort, Nepal
  1.  To improve physical health

Are you felling listless and rundown? Do you feel in need of an activity filled holiday minus spicy cuisine and hectic schedules? Then wellness travel is what you should opt for. With resident spa therapists, dieticians and health advisors, wellness vacations are the best ways to focus on your physical health while on holiday. What’s more, you have the best of health counsellors to guide you in a relaxed setting, guaranteed to have you more involved about your physical wellbeing. Whether you are trained in yoga or given Ayurveda treatment, wellness retreats are havens for boosting your physical wellbeing.

  1. To de-stress

Looking for a spectacular holiday to de-stress and unwind?  Book a wellness retreat for a refuge of the mind and body. Take a break from the busy humdrum of daily life.  Relax in a sanctuary of ultimate well-being in a luxurious setting that adopts a layered approach to wellness.

Most wellness retreats draw upon holistic lifestyles and ancient philosophies of healing to provide you bespoke wellness in magnificent natural surroundings. You can unwind, meditate, and explore the harmony between spirit, mind and body.

Source: Six Senses Spa, Oman
  1. For a digital detox

In an always connected digital environment, you are engaged 24 x 7 in a virtual world. For a complete stimulation of the mind and soul, disconnect from your devices. Get up-close with nature. Soak up the joys of simple pursuits. Engage one-to-one with spiritual gurus and food aficionados. Connect with like-minded travellers in a real, physical space. Rediscover the pleasures of life amidst beautiful settings and non-digital escapades.

  1. To soak-in a new pursuit

Holidays are the best time to begin a pursuit you’ve always had your eye on but never found the time. Wellness retreats have redefined holidays with a range of offerings – from immersive adventures that get you back on track to culinary lessons, yoga, innovative cardio and more. So book a wellness retreat that offers your choice of pursuit. Learn the art of meditation, practice yoga, indulge in long energising hikes or stand-paddle!

Source: Aqua Wellness Resort, Nicaragua
  1. To indulge in healthy living

Wellness travel retreats are the best places to indulge in healthy living, and maybe start a whole new robust chapter in your life. The schedules are carefully crafted for a wholesome pampered indulgence. With minimal exposure to urban spoilers and spicy cuisine, you naturally fall into a healthy pattern. Morning walks and yoga, healthy food, customised physical programmes under the management of health advisors – all geared to set you off on a path to a healthy lifestyle!

  1. To pamper yourself with age-defying therapies

What better way to catch up on your looks than a wellness retreat to pamper yourself with beauty and age-defying treatments? Dip your toes into the therapeutic waters of wellness. Complement your beauty treatments with fitness routines, yoga and healthy cuisine. All of this, in the magnificence of natural surroundings and unique packaging.

Source: Shanti Maurice, Mauritius
  1.  To rejuvenate

Head for a retreat where you can relax and detox, pamper yourself and find your inner Zen. Wellness retreats are the ultimate in rejuvenation, so you return from your holiday fresh and energised. Relax in the timeless aura of a wellness retreat. Use this time to refresh your mind and body with hot spring baths, detox juices, fun and activities.

Source: Ten Thousand Waves, USA
  1. To heal

If still in two minds, what about a wellness vacation for healing? Whether for inner healing from a break-up, or a death of a near one, the holistic context of a wellness holiday is geared to repair your inner self and put you back in form for social connect.

And if perchance you want to stop smoking; or have a health condition that can be healed with ancient therapies like Ayurveda and thermal spas, then book yourself into a themed wellness retreat for customised healing combined with a vacation.

Source: Kalari Kovilakom, India


From meditation and yoga to just soaking your stress away in a natural hot mineral spring, there are plenty of places around the planet to revive your mind and body.

Have you recently had a fantastic experience in a wellness retreat that you would recommend? If so, please leave a comment below.

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