Best Exotic Beaches to Spend Christmas 2017: Travel Inspiration

Best Exotic Beaches to Spend Christmas 2017

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas this year? Or are you fed up with the cold? This time of year, a lot of people consider exotic travel destinations. Exotic beach vacations have become a pretty popular option to celebrate Christmas. Instead of cooking for the relatives and cleaning snow from your driveway, you can just pack your bags and catch the first flight to somewhere warmer.  Take a look at some of our favorite exotic places to travel this holiday season.

The world famous Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia

If you want to bask in the sun, but prefer an active holiday in a bustling city, then Sydney is one of the best exotic travel destinations for you. Christmas marks the beginning of summer Down Under, but don’t be fooled. Sydneysiders take their Christmas very seriously. The whole city is in a festive mood, dazzling with its over-the-top decorations, Christmas markets and a whole array of free public performances. It is also an amazing place to do your holiday shopping. As far as beach life is concerned, Sydney has dozens of golden sandy beaches. The clear waters of the Pacific are perfect for swimming, surfing, and other water activities. Many tourists and locals alike decide to celebrate Christmas with a picnic on one of the beaches, usually either Bondi, or Manly.

Seven Mile Beach in laidback Negril, Jamaica

Most people who opt for exotic beach vacations in the winter are trying to escape both the cold and snow, but also the hectic December atmosphere. Jamaica is known all around the world for its perfect escapist vibe. Out of all the exotic places to travel, there’s nowhere better if you want to just forget about your worries and unwind. There are plenty of resort towns on this popular Caribbean island, but perhaps the most loved is Negril. Once a hippie town, Negril has preserved a lot of its original free spirit. Its geography is amazing: the north is home to the island’s most beautiful and famous beach – the Seven Mile Beach. Imagine miles and miles of blindingly white sand and iridescent waters, and you’ll get the idea. The south is characterized by dramatic cliffs plunging into the waves below.

Jumeirah in opulent Dubai, the UAE

With its seemingly limitless wealth, Dubai has fast established itself as the world’s premier luxury destination. The dramatic skyline of the city rises out of the desert sands like a mirage. In a way, Dubai is the ultimate proof of man’s triumph over the forces of nature. If you are looking for a destination where you can treat yourself with luxurious presents, enjoy the never-ending nightlife, or just chill on the beach, look no further than Dubai. The wealthy neighbourhood of Jumeirah is home to many of its best hotels, and also the city’s most stunning stretch of coast. The beach is all warm water perfect for swimming, and soft golden sand.

Grace Bay, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Part of the Bahamian Archipelago, Turks and Caicos somehow still manages to avoid the public radar, and is still one of the quietest Caribbean destinations. The true definition of tropic paradise, this coral archipelago has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the region, which, considering the competition, is saying a lot. The hurricane season on the island ends in November, so if you are planning to go for Christmas, you will be able to enjoy the gloriously sunny and dry spell that normally follows. Thanks to the enormous coral system, the warm waters surrounding the islands are a heaven for scuba divers and snorkelers.

If you can, treat yourself to a beach-side Christmas. There’s something very decadent about swapping the tree, turkey and snow for a cocktail and a picture-perfect sunset. It’s definitely an experience that everyone should try at least once. If you haven’t already, maybe this year is your chance.