The Best Portuguese Wines You Shouldn’t Miss

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Portugal is a relatively small coastal country yet abundant in terms of natural exports. It takes pride with its significant wine production that has created them a name in the wine industry as one of the leading wine experts in the world. The production of wine is the most important export in the country, where almost every region partakes in the production and distribution of wines worldwide. The numerous Portuguese vineyards create some great wines from tasty grape varieties. These wines are way distinct compared to any other wines in the world. And to give you a hint of the exceptional beauty and flavor of Portuguese wines, we’ve rounded up some of the best wines molded and extracted from the naturally-blessed country of Portugal.

P.S. Get a hold yourself as these fine wines are very hard to put down!

Red Wines

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The aroma of dark red wines might give chills down to your spine. Red wines are made of tasty variable blend of different grapes.  These wines tend to be more robust compared to other wines as they often spend some time in the oak barren to age gracefully. One region in the country that is very famous for excellent red wines is Douro. Douro is downright notable when it comes to red wines because of its hot and arid vineyards that feature schist rocks and clay loams. Trás-os-Montes, the northern part of Douro valley, is a mountainous area beautifully surrounded with vineyards that make big and healthy reds. The Douro reds are normally mixtures of intense bold flavors with high tannin that may lead to an almost charcoal-like quality wine. With the great amount of tannins, it is best to match a glass of red wine with a tasty meat dish or even a curdy goat’s cheese. You can also add up these tasty wines into your lamb stew to create a more tasty cuisine.  Moving on, Dão is also a hit Portuguese wine region that produces some of the country’s greatest wine concentration of elegant reds. The red wines emphasize the fruity flavors with a hint of acidity and tannins. Aside from Douro and Dao, Bairrada is another remarkable source of red hot vintage wines in the country. The Barraida reds are typically made from traditional Baga grapes that are concentrated to create a malty wine with high tannin and acid. Most red wines could last up 20 years depending on the production and added up ingredients. Some of the well-loved red wines you should try are Mouchão 2011 Red, Quinta Vale Dona Maria 2013 Vinha do Rio Red, Quinta do Vallado 2014 Reserva Field Blend Red, Alves de Sousa 2013 Abandonado Red, Casa Ferreirinha 2004 Barca Velha Red.

White Wines

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White Portuguese wines are also as fine as the intense reds. These wines are often crisp, glistening whites that have a touch of lemon-like taste and spritz of other fruity flavors. As these wines highlight the blend of fine grape varieties, it creates a more distinct flavor to your wine sipping. The lemon essence features a hint of tasty bitterness because of the combination of grapefruit into the concentration. There are also some white wines that exude unique aromas, from beeswax and honeycomb to melon. The production of white wines is generally sourced out from the northwest portion of Portugal— the Minho Province. The place is tagged as the main source of inimitable styles of white wines with high acidity and low alcohol content. White wines are perfectly ideal during summer. Pair your white wines with your favorite salads or seafood dishes for a more refreshing vintage vibes. Unlike red wines, great quality white wines could last up to 15 years only because of its high acidity. To choose the best white wines in the country, focus on Branco or Rosado Vhino Verde wines that offer thirst-quenching sips. Here are some of the distinguished Portuguese white wines you should take a shot: Quinta do Pinto 2015 Estate Collection Branco White,Casal da Coelheira 2015 Reserva Branco White, Fontes da Cunha 2015 Quinta do Mondego Branco White, Herdade do Esporão 2015 Esporão Reserva Branco White.

Sparkling Wines

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As sparkling as the stars above, sparkling wines need very high amount of acid to create the needed sparkles. Most of these wines are produced in cooler regions of the country such as Bairrada and Távora-Varosa, but one notable village in Portugal that produces fine sparkling wines is in Caves da Murganheira. The wine cellars in the place use premium grape varieties for a fresh and aromatic wine. There are two different methods in producing sparkling wines— traditional and transfer methods. However, both allow additional fermentation to produce the finest sparkling wines. Some of the best sparkling wines producers in the country are Casa de Saima, Heredade Esporao, Murganheira, Tapada do Chaves and Raposeira. Further, Caves Alianca, Caves Domingos, Caves Messias and Caves Primavera are just a handful of significant producers in the Bairrada region. Complete your dressed salads or seafood cuisines with some sparkling wines. The sweetness of the vegetables often sets off with the high level of acidity. Sparkling Portuguese wines are best savored during the scorching heat of summer or during the cold nights of winter.

Fortified Wines

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Another popular Portuguese wine is the fortified wine. Fortitude wines are traditional grape wines that are added up with alcohol during the fermentation stage. The grape spirits emphasize the sweetness and fruity flavor of the wine. These wines are very tasty, and normally considered as dessert during wine drinking. To fully enjoy your fortified wine, relish some crunchy nuts or creamy cheese. You can also complete your wine session with tasty desserts such as crème brûlée, and meringue-based sweets. The best fortified wines are produced in Port and Madeira, and some of the exceptional Portuguese fortified wines you should savor during your Portugal trip are Porto Meneres 2012 LBV Douro, Porto Meneres NV Fine Tawny Douro and Savory & James Ruby Port Oporto. For sure, you’ll have a gastronomical wine experience you will never forget.