Top 8 Secluded Beaches in the South Pacific

Travel in summer can be a double whammy with the heat and the crowds. So, beat the mob with a beach stay at the most spectacular place on earth, the South Pacific! Sun, warm waters, white beaches, coral ecosystem and stillness in the air, what more could you ask? So unwind and detox on a small stretch of sand in the middle of nowhere, at one of these secluded beaches.

1. Royale Takitumu Beach, Rarotonga

Source: Royale Takitumu Beach, Rarotonga

Best time to visit: June to August

Highlights: sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling diving, island hopping, whale watching, cycling, fishing, surging

Similar to the over-popular Tahiti, but far away from the crowds is the island of Rarotonga. It offers you the same lush green mountainous landscape and still aquamarine lagoons, but in total seclusion. Some beaches have sharp coral rocks, but the Royale Takitumu Beach certainly takes the cake. It is an 8 km white sand beach, alongside a lagoon on the quiet southern end of Titikaveka. Perfect and safe for swimming, snorkelling and kayaking at any tide, this is a great beach to unwind.

2. Turtle Island Beach, Fiji

Source: Turtle Island Beach, Fiji

Best time to visit: April to June

Highlights: beach picnics, swimming, kayaking, horse-riding, mountain biking, standup paddle boating, snorkelling, sailing, exotic location for weddings & honeymoons

Turtle Island offers you complete seclusion with a beach all to yourself! This privately owned island resort has a practice of limiting bookings to 14 couples, as the island has only 14 beaches. What’s more, the private villas look out over the Blue Lagoon (yes, where the movie “Blue Lagoon” was made), for privacy and breathtaking views. Beach picnics for two, beach booking for exclusive use and sunset cruises, are some of the d intimate encounters for complete summer bliss.

3. Ninamu Beach, Tikehau Atoll

Source: Ninamu beach – Tikehau atoll

Best time to visit: May to October

Highlights: picture postcard beauty, swimming, picnicking, lounging, diving, snorkelling, kayaking, biking; also selection of beachfront and overwater bungalows

In the “pink sanded” Tikehau atoll, the Ninamu Island stands out as a unique place hidden away on a motu in southwest Tikehau. With a maximum 16 guest stay at any time, it is a slice of paradise for an intimate stay in the midst of nowhere. Private white and pink sand beaches and infinite horizons to gaze at, this is the most isolated beach stay. Laze the day away on a beach day bed, float in the lagoon and watch the clouds drift, or take any of the adventures offered by the resort.

4. Temae Beach, Moorea

Source: Temae Beach – Sofitel Moorea La Ora Resort

Best time to visit: June to August

Highlights: dramatic beauty, tropical rainforests with caves and waterfalls, guided hikes, swimming, caving, scuba diving, surfing; wedding destination

Moorea is a magical heart-shaped island in the French Polynesia. This volcanic island is enveloped in green forested cliffs that loom over a turquoise blue lagoon, making it one of the world’s most beautiful islands. The Temae Beach on the east coast offers the most privacy for sunbathing or swimming, and enjoying epic sunsets in solitude. Beach bungalows in a tropical garden, unobstructed views of the lagoon and your private slice of Heaven! Is it any wonder that Moorea is a top romantic destination?

5. Fayaque Beach, Ouvea – Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia

Photo: J.H. Wordsmith

Best time to visit: April to December

Things to do: swimming, walking, kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, diving, sight-seeing  – Pont de Mouli bridge, Havana hole, Turtle hole, shark nursery

The magical island of Ouvea is called the “island closest to paradise”. It is sparsely populated with many secluded beaches and hidden caves. The Fayaque beach is the island’s signature beach in the west coast, with 20 miles of palm-tree-studded pristine sand and lagoons that you cannot miss. The beach easily has the finest and softest sands found anywhere, a pleasure for beach walkers and swimmers!

6. Bournda Beach, Australia

Source: Bournda Beach – Bournda National Park Photo: A Brown/NSW Government

Best time to visit:  March to June, September to November

Highlights: swimming, bird-watching, camping, picnicking, waterskiing, boating, paddling, sail boarding, fishing, surfing, hiking

Bournda offers the best of a beach holiday combined with exploratory walks and activities. There are several unpatrolled swathes of secluded beaches in the backdrop of tropical forests and salt and freshwater lakes. Whether you swim in its secret beaches or the safe inner lagoon, take long coastal walks, or opt for water sports, there is so much to do at Bournda.  You can also expect to encounter a kangaroo as you hike through the coast line!

7. New Chums Beach, Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

Source: New Chums Beach, New Zealand

Best time to visit:  March to May, mid-September to November

Highlights: hiking, surfing, photography, wild life, spectacular natural beauty

Up north of the Coromandel peninsula are secluded coastlines, flanked by wooded hills filled with the native Pohutukawa trees (New Zealand’s Christmas tree). Here is the undeveloped off-the-track New Chums beach – a stunning stretch of pristine golden beach accessed only by foot. Get the beach-lover in you going. Follow the Whanapoua Road 9 miles east of Coromandel town, and head to the northern end of Whangapoua Beach. Wade through an estuary at low tide, and take a 40 minute walk further along the shoreline to reach the New Chums beach. Stroll through this magnificent beach, sun bathe or photograph the amazing wild life.

8. Kauapea Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Source: Photo: Bryce Edwards, Wiki

Best time to visit: May to September

Highlights: sunbathing, seashell hunting, surfing, sunbathing, fishing, snorkelling

The Kauapea Beach is referred to as “the Secret Beach” perhaps because of its inaccessibility. This also makes it the perfect getaway beach to relax and sun bathe in seclusion. This massive 3000 feet long beach on the north shore of the island is reached by a steep hike downhill. The ocean current here is strong, not suitable for the novice swimmer, or during anytime time other than summer. You will come across many small lagoons or tidal pools known as Secret Lagoons, and a beautiful waterfall.

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