Top 7 Fitness Trackers to Improve Performance 

Fitness trackers are becoming the most popular way to keep people motivated and on top of their fitness goals. There’s not much that wearable fitness trackers can’t do, from monitoring your heart rate to keeping record of your total daily steps; you can improve your life with the right device.

With so many devices on the market you may feel a little flustered as to which one to pick. Why are fitness trackers so beneficial to your life and goals? That’s easy because they:

  • Hold you personally accountable for your goals
  • Are tailored to your needs
  • Are all about you
  • Are a financial commitment
  • Are a modern weight loss tool
  • Promote activity on a daily basis
  • Look after your sleep
  • Help to educate you

Below we have provided a list of what we consider to be the top 7 fitness trackers to monitor and improve your performance and keep you on track with all your goals.

Source: WT VOX

The Fitbit Surge

Extremely easy to use, the Fitbit Surge can offer you everything you could possibly desire when it comes to fitness tracking. The comfortable and securely fitting, Surge will give you continuous heart rate monitoring and even built-in GPS. You can monitor new activities such as hiking, yoga, and weight-lifting workouts. The excellent app is very user-friendly and offers easy syncing. You can check incoming texts and call notifications so you are always reachable.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The forerunner is a really excellent device for all the triathletes out there. The Forerunner offers you the full package such as GPS, optical heart rate monitoring, tracks steps, sleep, heart rate, and a vast array of activities. The Forerunner can also support push notifications. It’s great for wearing outdoors and in all weather conditions with it being waterproof and lightweight. The Forerunner also boasts a top-notch battery life.

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

The TomTom Spark 3 boasts an easy to use, large, lightweight display. The excellent thing about this fitness tracker is that it allows you to play your favourite music without having your phone on you. The long battery life allows you to track bicycling, running, swimming, walking effortlessly without worry. The TomTom also offers built-in GPS route tracking and continuous heart rate monitoring.

The Fitbit Charge 2

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a very popular choice for fitness monitoring. You can monitor your steps, your sleep as well as 24/7 heart rate monitoring, breathing training and VO2 Max. What more could you want from your fitness tracker? All of these features are effectively logged within Fitbit’s user-friendly app. The Charge 2 which tracks your heart rate continuously, monitors resting heart rate and now rates VO2 Max, a scientific gauge of fitness. The Fitbit Charge 2 also boasts new breathing training to combat stress.

The Misfit Ray

If you are looking for something stylish, sleek and futuristic in design then the Misfit Ray is for you. You can take advantage of steps and sleep tracking, all within an easy to use, simple, clean app. The device will also alert you to messages and calls from your paired smartphone so you are always on call. There is a decent strap option from Misfit, and it can be worn as a pendent if you desire. Pretty cool customisation paired with strong fitness tracking and a good price means you can’t go wrong with the Ray.

Samsung’s Gear Fit 2

This clever piece or wearable technology has made staggering changes to its line both inside and out and the result is an Android-friendly device that does it all – well, pretty much everything! The Gear Fit 2 boasts a stunning design, a generous display and doesn’t cost all that much money compared to some other fitness trackers available on the market. The only real issue with it is that it won’t work with your iPhone or Windows device; you have to have an Android to use the Gear Fit 2.

Microsoft Band 2

The Band 2 incorporates a better screen, greater comforts and a more stylish image than the first Microsoft Band. The Band 2 packs 11 sensors even a new one: a barometer to measure altitude and track stairs and hills climbed, plus an accurate optical heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS, ambient light sensor, skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, capacitive sensor, microphone and a galvanic skin response sensor. A very popular choice due to its excellent mix of step counter and proper gym, running and cycling companion. It’s superb to use for the gym, for your running, cycling, golf and other sports as it is for counting steps and tracking sleep – it’s a great all-rounder.

If you struggle to stay motivated or you would like to understand your body a little more and enjoy more knowledge when you exercise, a fitness tracker is a great idea. Depending on your style and wants there is a fitness tracker out there for you!

Personal trainer and professional fitness writer, Betsy has dedicated her life to fitness. Having a career in competitive swimming for ten years she then found her love of weight training and bodybuilding in the gym environments and helps people transform their bodies day by day.
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