Think Like a Champion!

We all want to change. Don’t we?

Everyone wants to look drop dead gorgeous.

Everyone want to just have a little less junk in the trunk to get that 6 pack and that booty going.

How about being able to belt out notes like Adele? Any takers?

Personally, I want to grab a guitar and shred the hell out of it like little Angus. I can just see me strutting around on stage belting out a face-melting solo…

Yeah, those changes sound right on the money.

They usually sound even better around 2am on a sleepless night when we’re tossing and turning wondering what the hell we are doing with our lives.

Ever been there? I sure as hell have.

So what stops us from making changes?

What stops us from becoming our own champions?



What comes to your mind when you hear the word “changes”?

I bet that most of the time, you think of something profoundly different. Something major. A complete move from A to B.

You see, most times we think of changes as gigantic tectonic shifts.

When it really is not the case.

Changes of true significance are more often than not brought about by minute variations in the journey of life.

A little difference, something scarcely visible – but definitely there, nonetheless.

Within its own small increments, the deviation is not enough to be noticed.

The thing is, when you apply these little differences day after day, they build up into something spectacular.

Drop by drop, even water can bore a hole into a stone.

Well, the same goes for life.

Very small changes eventually add up to something completely different.



The problem, the one thing that separates the champions from the average Joes, is that most people are afraid of change for two reasons.

The first is that they are afraid of change itself.

The unknown is always a daunting adversary. Who wants to venture into the darkness? It might have teeth, right?

The second is that they think changes require a massive displacement. A huge effort on their part.

It doesn’t.

The only thing it requires – and I promise you this – is absolute, hard-headed, single-minded consistency.

It’s going at it day after day, one whisper at a time.

You heard me right. One whisper. One pebble. One step. Day after day.

That is how the great wall of the Citadel on my island of Gozo was built.



Think about it.

What is it that you are trying to change?

Once you quantify that, break it down into small, manageable steps.

What changes could you make if you change one very small thing, day after day, for a whole year?

It doesn’t take a hurricane to make that happen.

A breath of change every day will suffice.

Once you accept this mode of action, take that and apply it to whatever problem you face in life.

And see the difference applied consistency makes.

This is how champions think.

PS: If you have any questions, message me and let me know. With over 27 years of experience behind me, I’m pretty sure I can lend a hand in getting you where you want to go.


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