The Surreal Beauty of Midnight Sun Countries

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Ever heard of the Midnight Sun? This natural phenomenon is quite magical as it allows the visibility of the sun during midnight. Yes, the bright sun still cast its light to the skyline even at night, but may not be very perceptible depending on the weather. Only limited spots are given the chance to witness such surreal beauty. The distinctive occurrence usually happens in most places in the northern portion of the Arctic Circle and the southern part of Antarctic Circle like Alaska, Canada, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. And if you’re planning to experience a rather unique travelling escapade, head on these places and be at awe with the mystic charm of the midnight sun countries.


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Alaska is quite known to be giving travellers a lot of transcendent natural phenomena like the northern lights, alpenglow, and midnight sun. Beautifully situated in the northwest margin of North America, Alaska is one of the most popular dream destinations among wanderers wanting a breathtaking view of the horizon, whether at daytime or during nightfall. Every summer solstice, where the longest day of the year happens, the charming country hosts lots of exciting activities for everyone. Join the locals as they take a peek of the sun from traditional viewpoints scattered in the state like Fairbanks and Barrow. And since there is sunshine up to midnight, most communities hold exciting late-night celebrations like fun run, golf scramble and baseball game that has been played since 1906. There are also times when the sun isn’t very visible, but you can still appreciate the illuminated dusk that is definitely worth the stare. Save the date— June 20 or 21 and witness the sun hanging in the sky even during nighttime.


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Another northern American country that is blessed with scenic lure, Canada is definitely a real deal among travellers. The country is also one of the limited places that receive more sunlight during spring and summer. There’s a kind of majestic ambiance that leaves travellers fascinated in this country. Travellers visiting in Canada can always get a taste of exuberant wildlife, national historic sites, breathtaking sceneries, cultural sites, and infinite adventure in the wilderness. Yet the greatest part of it is beholding the midnight sun looming in the sky. With the lovely view of the midnight sun, camping in the woods is in the most perfect time. Going for road trips, meeting locals and tourists at campsites, participating in festivals is a once in a lifetime experience. Summer is like no other in some areas in Canada, such as Inuvik and other Northwest territories, wherein you can experience about 50 days of daytime. Activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, are some of the adventures you can revel in. And on every June 21st, a Midnight Sun Fun Run is annually opened for people to partake. Aside from that, witnessing the northern lights in Yukon, the westernmost and smallest of the country’s federal territories, is a magical view of dancing green, red and white swirl across the sky.


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Iceland, among other countries, is considered as the land of the midnight sun. One of the planet’s youngest landmasses, the country offers dramatically rich biodiversity and geology. It booms in variety of attractions, including magnificent landscapes, waterfalls, geysers and glaciers, mountains , volcanoes, flora, wildlife,  and geothermal wonders. During the high season of June and July, travellers love to crowd around as the country comes most alive in summer. To experience the midnight sun is a frequent goal especially for tourists. The sun at midnight is a gloriously, splendid  photographic scenery. During this time, several photographers take limitless opportunities in capturing the gorgeous  glow of light and colour expanding throughout the horizon. The west coast of Iceland is an excellent viewpoint for the slow setting of the midnight sun. Prepare to be amazed by the gleaming shades of gold, pink, red and orange illuminating the skies as the sun dips below the horizon. The country’s capital, Reykjavík, showcases fantastic locations  in observing the midnight sun. It includes the waterfront by Sólfar, the Pearl, the Sun Voyager sculpture, the lighthouse at Grotta in Seltjarnarnes or on any beach. And while the spectacle continues, travellers can go on a midnight sun hiking trip, dance at the Secret Solstice music festival, participate in the Suzuki Midnight Sun Run or watch the whales dance under the midnight sun.


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Ranked as one of the planet’s best countries to reside in, Norway is another great place to capture the midnight sun. It’s famous for its iconically deep and complex fjords along the coast. You can dwell in several destinations to catch awe-inspiring midnight sun experiences.  In the southern part, Hedgeland is a special position to spot one. Divulge in the sunlit nights while exploring undiscovered treasures in the island as well as sight-seeing the incredible northern lights. If you want a complete daytime adventure, northern Norway is a great choice. While the sun never sets, you can go fishing, kayaking, golfing or book for a cycle tour. Catch the midnight sun in all its glory from atop the cliff at the North Cape in one of the country’s popular midnight sun locations. You can also appreciate it in Mount Rønvikfjellet in Bodø, Longyearbyen, on the flats on the Finnmarksvidda Plateau, Tungeneset on Senja, The Cable Car at Tromsø, Mount Komsafjellet in Alta, Eggum on the northern side of Lofoten, Viewpoint Salen in Hammerfest and Norway’s most romantic place, Nupen. Witness the spectacular phenomenon on any of Norway’s attractions for a worthwile and memorable summertime. The country proffers twenty hours of daylight each day for a more adventurous and gratifying travel.


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Sweden is a sweet spot for people to experience never-ending summer days. The midnight sun in Sweden is like a spectacle of both sunlight and sunrise taking place at the same time. The stunning scenery can be seen anywhere right above the Arctic Circle. For a more intensifying midnight sun experience, you can watch it in Swedish Lapland and stay awake inspired by its illuminating rays. You can witness the mystifying glow of the midnight sun in Björkliden, Gällivare, Umeå, Jokkmokk, Riksgränsen and on Sweden’s capital, Stockholm.  Moreover, you can watch the northern lights in Abisko, a village in Northern Sweden, which is one of the best places to appreciate Aurora borealis. The country provides a 24-hour period of sunlight for travellers to enjoy all outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, golfing, and fishing. Experience the midnight sun dinner at Aurora Sky Station, midnight sun tour on ice-land horse, aurora borealis in Laponia, and a fire heated bath tub under the midnight sun.