5 Stunning Italian Islands You Probably Never Heard Of

It’s no wonder why tourists endlessly flock around the islands of Italy. A fact celebrated across the world, Italy is a stunning gateway of culture, history and art, and a home to some of the world’s greatest figures. The country is flourishing with refreshing natural attractions and mouth-opening landscapes and architecture. Italian islands are simply astonishingly pieces of paradise— a magnetic brim of exquisiteness where one can be wholly close with nature. And truth be told, nature definitely spent a glorious time molding it into one of earth’s paradisiacal cradles.

The islands of Capri, Elba, Sardinia and Ischia are some of Italy’s gems that ceaselessly lure tourist from all over the globe, to visit and most certainly revisit day and night. Not surprisingly, many of these spectacular islands are already known and have been explored by many people. But unknown to some, Italy still hides unspoiled and breathtaking islands that you probably haven’t seen or heard of. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, these islands might just surprise you and even leave you in awe.

1. Pantelleria

Source: Telegraph

Leaving this place will be a hard decision once you inhale the serenity and beauty of this island. If you want to relax in a soothing sea while enjoying the touch of rocks in the broad daylight, head on to Laghetto delle Ondine, where you can spend a pleasant time appreciating the beauty of the sea waves. Pantelleria Island is remarkable when it comes to their wine industry, wherein it showcases the Moscato Passito di Pantelleria and the Moscato di Pantelleria and where its agricultural technique was included in one of Unesco’s heritage lists. You can sight nature reserves and relish a 39-feet deep natural lake known as the Specchio di Venere or Venus’ mirror. Or you can stop and delight in its famous saunas, hot springs and trekking paths.

And if you choose to view the panoramic spectacle of the entire island, take your feet into the Montagna Grande, measuring 2,743 feet, and is considered as the island’s highest peak. Exploring the eminently unique dry-stoned Dammuso Grande is an ideal place to stay apart from a hotel, and is a great choice in discovering the island’s main attractions, or taking a visit into other notable archaeological sites and monuments. Considered as the best time to travel here is during June or October, where you can get around either by air, with flights from Rome and Milan or by sea through the Port of Trapani.

2. Favignana

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Celebrated for its tuna fisheries and its “tufo”, caves that are made of calcarenite rock, Favignana Island is an absolute destination for tourists. It is an ideal haven for cyclists with its even landscape in which riding a bicycle is the most preferred mode of transportation. If you want to indulge in delectable cuisines of varying seafood menus, tantalize your taste buds and visit the refined “ristorante” or the “trattoria”.

Though you can access only few beaches in the island, fretting would be a waste of time as you can plunge on the enticing crystalline waters of Cala Rossa, Cala Rotonda and Cala Azzurra. In going to Favignana, you can get by plane, with airports in Trapani or Palermo, by car ferries or by hydrofoil, which is the best way to get around the island with tickets available online.

3. Ustica

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The island of Ustica is an ideally recognized place for scuba diving and is a paradise for marine life. Tagged as the country’s first Marine Protected Area, it boasts in rich flora and fauna, captivating seabed and diving sites like Punta Galera, Punta dell’Arpa, Secca della Colombara,  Secchitello and Scoglio del Medico. Lose yourself in the mystifying stillness of the Green Cave, the Cave of the Boats, the Golden Cave, the Blue Cave or the Cave Pastizza— all of which are accessible by boat. Swim around the sparkling, pebbly beaches of Punta Cavazzi, Curruggio and Cala Sidoti. Taking a walk is also a great way in further discovering the scenic spots of the island. Roam along the luscious plants found in the Path of the Wood or sight the ancient Rocca della Falconeira where you can spot underground tombs.

If you prefer a quicker transportation to Ustica, try the hydrofoil although you can also ride ferry boats. Hop on the airport of Palermo for a convenient ride to this marvelous island, and take a glimpse of the breathtaking view of Ustica.

4. Procida

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If you’re on the go for water activities, Procida offers you diverse beaches that will totally satisfy your trip.  You can choose among the golden-sanded Chiaia Beach, the popular Chiaolella Beach, the splendid Lingua Beach, the horseshoe-shaped Il Postino Beach, or the crystalline and the island’s largest Ciraccio Beach. You can hop from one restaurant to the next with a large selection of mouth-watering seafood dishes and other delish Italian cuisines by going to La Lampara or Ristorante Scarabeo. Join in the jazz festival or enjoy the sparkling night life of the island.  More so, bury your eyes with the colorful houses in the vibrant village of Marina Corricella.  When it comes to night time or just when the skies are about to turn pink, the entirety of the village is a definite spectacle to watch, with the lights illuminating the houses.

Appreciating Procida is best when you’re travelling on foot where you can observe picturesque views of the island. Wander through the enthralling streets of Terra Murata or the unspoiled serenity of The Port of Coricella. Arriving here is quite simple, just head to the Naples Capodichino Airport and ride the bus, then purchase your tickets.

5. Ponza

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Now this island shouldn’t definitely be missed by any tourist who has done far more gaping with Italy’s spectacles. Expect that you will have more of those open-mouthed, wonder-struck moments while you set your foot in the majestic island of Ponza. Oftentimes dubbed as every photographer’s dreamland, Ponza is not only appreciated for its picturesque sceneries but also for its welcoming atmosphere that flows around the place and the natives. It springs jaw-dropping natural sights of caves, seas, cliffs, and abundant spawn of flora and fauna.

You can stay at the cozy Mediterranean feels of Grand Hotel Chiaia di Luna and dine at the ultimate bucketlist restaurant called the Il Tramanto while watching the awe-inspiring sunset. Relax at the scenic bays and beaches like Chiaia di Luna, Frontone or the Cala de Fonte. Accessing Ponza can be only through hydrofoils or ferries, which is a plus in order to get a close view of the waters surrounding the island.