Stand and Deliver: How to Finally Break Free – Part 1

Source: I am Donatello

Donatello is an internationally competitive bodybuilder and coach, with 25 years of experience in weight-lifting and sports nutrition. After training for one month with Don in Malta last summer, we became great fans of his coaching and sense of humour. We find his attitude and posts very inspiring and want share some of them with you. You can read more on his personal blog.


Most people won’t read this – because it packs the power to change your life (and that’s scary…)

Today, I am going to take you to a place that is full of dreams.
A place of unparalleled potential.
A place full of mind-blowing ideas, great inventions, incredible plans.
It’s an amazing place.
The best of everything is there.
There is just one caveat. One problem.
This is a place where the words “maybe”, “if only”, “one day”, and “some time” are the justifications used to delineate a way of life.
A life gone by with nothing to show for it.
That place, my friends, is the graveyard.
The graveyard is full of dreams – that have died along with the dreamer.
It is full of potential – that has never been fulfilled.
It is a place of great ideas that have never seen the light of day, great inventions that have never been built, and incredible plans that people were just too scared to put into action.


Do you know that research has shown that almost 90% of people go to work unhappy?
That blows my mind.
If you are doing something for 8, 9, 10 hours a day, you better make damn sure that you’re enjoying what you are doing.
That’s a huge part of the day to be burning up, hoping for Friday to come along as quickly as possible.
Thank God it’s Friday? What you mean thank God it’s Friday? Are you really that unhappy with your week that you cannot wait for it to go by?
That’s terrible. We should be saying thank God it’s Monday. Granted, I’m not telling you that work should be the most important thing in your life but if you are going to be spending a major part of the day doing something, you honestly better hope you love doing what you’re doing.

Because spending most of your day being miserable is going to make you go crazy. You know that right?
Why would anyone do that to themselves?
Why would anyone subject themselves to that hell?
And yet…and yet…despite anything I might say or think, almost 90% of us are doing exactly that – creating their own hell and living in it.


Those are staggering odds.
That means that this is no coincidence.
Something is wrong. Seriously wrong. For so many of us to be doing this to ourselves.


Okay look. Let’s make this personal.
I want you to take a good look inside yourselves.
Look into your heart and just be honest with yourselves.
Is there any point in your life where you are saying “I need to be better. I need to do things differently. I know I am better than this.”?

If you are being totally honest, is today a point in your life when you know you deserve better and you could do better if you just put your mind to it?
Make no mistake about it.

If you are not happy with where you are in your life right now, you absolutely owe it to yourself to do something differently TODAY.
You absolutely owe it to yourself to make that one small but fundamental change in your life that will make a difference.
And notice I said small change. Great things happen in small changes. Small incremental changes done on a daily basis.
These are the small changes that will change your life completely.


So that’s pretty straightforward right?
Make changes happen and you’re good to go.
Yeah right! If only things were that simple.
You see, there is a problem.
The problem is that most people will RESIST CHANGE.
Most people are afraid to challenge the status quo in their lives.
Most people are afraid to change because they believe that a change can somehow be worse than what they are going through right now.
People prefer the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t.

Before making changes, people want to see the grand plan. They want to see where they’re going, they want to see the changes that will happen, they want it all get laid out before them.

So they can give it a look and dip their toes and decide if they like it.
Well, life doesn’t happen that way. That’s not going to happen.
You are not getting a script for Life.

All you really need to know is that whatever changes you need to make in your life, whatever fortitude you need to make those changes happen, you have the power within you to do that right now.

It’s inside you. Right now. Everything you need is right there, within your grasp.
And I promise you this.

I promise you, that once you decide to make those changes happen, once you make that decision, once you go through the turning point in your life, the point where you say “I am going to do this!”, then you will find that the universe is on your side.

You will find that opportunity comes your way much more easily than it ever did before.
It’s all about a better realignment of the universe to suit your goals and your destiny.