8 Rules to Workout By: Would You Pay To Be Cheated?

After almost 27 years in the industry, I keep on seeing horrifying mistakes being done over and over again by people who “workout”.

We constantly get clients in at The BodyForge who have been going to other gyms for years yet don’t have even the basic movements figured out correctly.

For the very simple reason that they have never been coached professionally by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Yes we have all seen those infamous “Gym Fails” videos on YouTube where people are completely screwing up exercises – and endangering themselves and others in the process.

The thing is… it’s just not funny.

I don’t understand why someone would go to a place that takes their money yet completely disregards them and the basic reason they have enrolled in the gym for – learning how to do things properly so they get to where they want to go.

Honestly, would you go for medical check-up and pay the doctor for sitting at his desk playing with his phone, not giving you the time of day let alone professional advice?

Or even worse, giving you advice that was absolutely worthless under the guise that he knew what he was talking about?

You wouldn’t would you?

So why do you happily pay for that same indifference at your gym?



The truth is most gyms are actually what I term “body mills”.

It’s all about how many people they can fit in through the door.

It’s about signing up anyone who just wants to lease equipment or take up classes for an hour, after which they go home, sweatier but none the leaner or the wiser.

First off, low intensity cardio workouts that just make you sweat don’t work.

Classes that make you go through the motions without individual attention don’t work.

Oh yes, sure, they may work in the beginning because doing any kind of activity instead of nothing is going to have some effect – but you’ll plateau in less time than it took the Azure Window to crumble into the sea.



Oh boy – so many things wrong with this type of thinking… yet so many do just that.

Here is something that should be written on the wall of every gym.


And I emphasize the word “correctly”.

Being able to grab a weight is no indication of your knowledge in handling it.

Resistance training without great coaching is like giving a child a gun.

Something really bad is going to happen sooner or later.



Here are 8 golden rules learned from observing people working out over the last 25+ years.


  1. If you can’t squat your own body weight properly, you have no business being under a squat bar.

  2. If you can’t hold a plank properly for at least 30 seconds, don’t try to do push-ups.

  3. Barbell curls are not limbo exercises.

  4. Bench presses are not four-inch movements.

  5. Deadlifts are not back-curling or speed thrusting exercises.

  6. Stop trying to do the stuff you see the pros doing on videos. Simply because 99% of people who go to a gym don’t need it.

  7. If you honestly want to do things right, and you want to get where you deserve to be, just find a great coach. Someone who knows his stuff and honestly knows what he is doing.

  8. Learn things right way. Invest in yourself and in your education.


Otherwise, stop kidding yourself.

Stay home. Eat cookies. Watch TV from your couch.

The world will be a safer place – for you and for others.

Originally found at Donatello Pisani’s blog.