Nutritional Advice: Learning from The Stars

As Hollywood personalities live very high-profile lives, the public almost always expects them to be on their A-game and look their best. From random run-ins with the paparazzi, to the red carpet of televised star-studded events, celebrities know they have to appear to the world as respectable and appealing as possible. That’s why apart from their fitness regimen, their daily nutrition plays an imperative role on how these celebrities ensure they stay ready and relevant for anything the show business world throws their way.


Eat Wisely, Period


When it comes to trimming that gut and building healthier habits, you have to realize that crash dieting ultimately leads to higher chances of overeating. So instead, the better nutritional approach would be breaking up your meals throughout your day.


Colours of Nature explains that by segmenting your meals into five or six parts each day, you actually keep your metabolism up while also supplying the sustainable energy your body needs for many of your daily activities. On the other hand, if and when you are faced with the dilemma of breaking your diet plan, do so with careful consideration.

Women’s Health reports that when international model and actress Heidi Klum indulges from time to time, she makes sure the experience is worth it. So, whether it’s satisfying your burger craving or giving into your sweet tooth, don’t deprive yourself, but just be wary of the amount of times you indulge.

Pack Muscle with Protein


From his time garnering international acclaim and recognition on the body building circuit to crossing over to global cinema, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looked up to as the definitive fitness icon. When it comes to his nutrition strategy, Schwarzenegger made sure his protein intake was in check. highlights that his nutrition plan consisted of eating eggs yolk, steak, and fish all while exercising portion control. If you have decided to work towards Arnie-type gains, you will also have to ditch foods that include sugar, cornstarch, and high-fructose corn sweetener.


You are not alone in thinking Schwarzenegger has next-level focus and discipline in him. It is this same drive and determination that led to him landing what would be one of pop culture’s most recognizable characters. The popularity of The Terminator franchise will forever be credited to Schwarzenegger who has starred in four of the five Terminator films. A sixth film starring Schwarzenegger is being developed. Since Terminator 2 hit the screens in 1992 the franchise has sagged despite Schwarzenegger constantly returning to play the character. It is not hard to see why, the second Terminator film is considered an action classic and is still referenced today.

Gaming portal Slingo used Terminator 2 as the theme for one of its slot games because of its status in cinema history and popularity with fans. Many of the elements that made the character, and Schwarzenegger, so famous are included in the game. For Schwarzenegger, it was his uncompromising routine and self-discipline that helped him become a Hollywood household name.


Photo credit: Di Errix

Stay Hydrated


We often forget how important drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water is every day, but it has many merits to it we should look more into. The Insider underscores that Kim Kardashian, one of reality television’s biggest stars, has been prioritizing her hydration levels to stay healthy and fit. It’s a pretty simple life hack that can make your feel full for longer and can help you avoid snacking unnecessarily. It always pays to have a tumbler of H2O on hand.