New Caledonia Exotic Holiday: 5 Things You Should Not Miss



True adventures begin at the edge of the world. Beyond the shores of New Caledonia lies nothing but endless gleam of the ocean. Your family can truly get in touch with nature in a place like this. Far away from the verve of the city and colorful flashes of lights and screens, you can truly discover what it means to get lost in the heart of Pacific.

If you plan to embark on this journey with your family, here are five things you should not miss in New Caledonia.


1. Explore Noumea

The capital city of New Caledonia lies on the south of Grande-Terre Island, and its unmistakable French charm will have both your children and your spouse delighted. This was a colony and your ear will recognize one of Europe’s most charming languages as soon as you set foot on the sidewalk.

The Tchou Tchou Train Ride is a popular attraction for newcomers. If the tropical sun is too much for you and your loved ones, this is probably the most sensible and fun solution to get around the city. You can also opt for a historical tour or choose the best option for you from the interesting range of Noumea tours to get to know this wonderful city and feel its energy.




2. Trek across Isle of Pines

It looks like a landscape out of the most outrageous fantasy book. Isle of Pines is a small paradise separated from Noumea by a 30-minute flight, but it’s worth a trip. The location will leave you in awe, and I can bet even the most cynical teenagers will have their jaws on the floor once they’ve seen it.

After you’ve finished trekking across the island, spend the rest of the day at Kuto Beach and enjoy its bright white sands and splash in its pleasantly warm waves. In general, New Caledonia has some of the world’s most overlooked beaches, so why not be the one who “discovers” them?





3. Dive into the ocean at Yejele Beach

Now that I’ve mentioned water, Yejele Beach is a picture-perfect location for your family. The water is crystal clear azure and your children can enjoy snorkeling as you and your spouse purchase a delicious and exotic lunch in one of the huts at the beach.

Of course, this slice of heaven also lies hidden on another island, so make sure to have enough time to enjoy these outings. Even if you are hard pressed for time to find reasonable New Caledonia holiday packages, it shouldn’t take too long of a search to bump into the exact one you need.

What you want to do is focus on preparations for the trip and organize your family to take in as much of this primordial paradise as possible.




4. Take a trip to Duck Island

A brief water taxi ride from Anse Vata Beach will leave you at one of the cutest little islands in the world, the famous Duck Island. This small patch of sand and trees looks like something straight out of a cartoon, but it hides many pleasures you can enjoy during the entire day. The restaurants on this island offer sinfully delicious meals, and the beaches that surround the island offer room for many activities like water boarding and kite surfing.



5. Barter at Port Moselle Market

It’s a market right outside of Noumea, so you can take your loved ones for a colorful adventure to buy memorabilia for each of you. Of course, this is also a place where you purchase fish straight off the boat and turn meal preparation into a family activity.

Clearly, these are not the only things you can do in New Caledonia. It’s a vibrant peninsula filled with activities, so just a bit of research and a bit of an ask-around will get you a long way.


Bottom line


It’s an exciting tropical paradise out of your dreams and a destination that can rival its more renowned neighbor – New Zealand – with its landscape beauties. If you get a chance to visit New Caledonia with your family, it will be a trip you’ll all remember for the rest of your lives.