Luxury Travel: The New Japanese Train Suite

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A revolutionary and unique concept in luxury travel: The new Japanese train suite. The East Japan Railway has sent a new train to its debut voyage on 1st of May 2017.  Tickets for the first journey were distributed randomly as a lottery and apparently the lottery itself was oversubscribed by 76 times! Already tickets are sold out for a whole year until March 2018. Let’s take a closer look at what this train boutique concept entails.

Train configuration

Train Suite Shiki-shima is made to carry only 34 passengers and consists of 10 cars with 6 sleeping cars encompassing 17 suites, a restaurant, a lounge and 2 observation cars located at either end of the train.

Source: © JREAST.CO.JP

Investment and design

According to «The Japan Times» 5 billion yens were invested in the creation of this train, which equals to $44.5 millions. The train was designed by Ken Okuyama – a famous Japanese artist who is known for top class designs such as Enzo Ferrari.

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What to expect from this journey

The train operates on three different circular tours. Two and four days tours are reserved from spring to autumn and there are three days tour during winter time.

The restaurant’s menu has been developed by the first Japanese Michelin star chef – Kazuhiro Nakamura. His dishes will reflect the cuisine of Japanese regions through which train is passing at the time.

A wonderfully comfortable trip, no doubt, but non-the-less far from being a bargain. Be ready to empty your wallet here. The cheapest tickets will be approximately $2500 for two day journey! And the special duplex coupe costs around $10000 per person.

Source: © JREAST.CO.JP

Bottom line

If you want to embark on this uniquely luxurious journey, you better submit your application ASAP. You can find more information on about bookings, prices and the journey itself on their official website.


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