Interview with Bikini Diva Pro Daniela Laura

Special, is how I describe this woman. She is a lot more than a classy female bodybuilder, she is also a wife and mother of two. In this interview with bikini diva pro Daniela Laura, you will learn more about her, this competitive sport and how she juggles her life commitments with her passion for weight training.


Q. Hi Daniela. Tell the readers about yourself. What got your started in bodybuilding?

A. Hi everyone. Well it was both the dream of a perfect physique and becoming strong, and the influence of a friend.


Q. What sports, if any, did you engage with before you started weight lifting?

A. I didn’t do any sport or exercise before I started weight lifting. I had a completely sedentary life and I would have never imagined that I would grow to love training so much.


Q. You are married and have two kids, how do you combine these responsibilities, do they interfere with your training?

A. Honestly, it’s not easy. The process of dieting pre competitions is really draining. Children need a lot of attention and it can sometimes be overwhelming. For this reason, I have now hired an assistant everything has become easier.


Q. Do you train by yourself or do you have a partner?

A. I train by myself, sometimes with a coach and sometimes with friends. I like to mix it up, and also change location across different gyms, I find that motivates me.

Q. What supplements do you use, and why do you use these?

A. I take whey protein after training, as well as Carnitine and BCAA. I also take vitamins C, B12 and Omega 3 supplements. Mainly for muscle recovery, bone health and overall wellbeing.


Q. What is your approach to cardio? How often do you do this, and for how long?

A. I do cardio 5 times a week for 40 minutes each time.


Q. What was your first show? Tell us about your experience.

A. My first show was two years ago in New Jersey. It was an amazing experience. I felt quite shy to start with but I also felt very happy and proud of myself for having achieved entering my first competition.


Q. Any advice for women out there who are thinking about competing but unsure about taking the step on stage?

Well, I would advice everyone to follow their heart, it’s not an easy sport and often it’s not even fair. Nevertheless, the learning process until you reach the stage is really worth it. You grow enormously as a person, and you start appreciating life differently, with much more clarity in all aspects.


Q. What are your current competition plans?

A. I’m not sure yet, but I believe my next competition will be next fall, in October or November.

Q. What areas are you looking to improve upon for your next competition?

A. I’m off season at the moment because I intend to improve on everything, especially my abs and the back of the thighs. I want to work on them and become stronger so that when the preparation phase starts I can start cutting and show my work.


Q. What do you consider to be main your strengths and weaknesses?

A. My greatest weakness is definitely sugar. I crave sweet so much that sometimes I end up cheating and breaking my diet, specially during PMS.
My greatest strength is definitely the training itself. I love hitting the gym with my favourite tunes and training until exhaustion. I love training a lot and training hard.


Q. Mentor or person you admire in the sport of fitness/figure?

A. My friend IFBB pro Valesca Macedo.

Q. Describe your diet, off season and pre-contest.

A. My diet is always similar. It’s based on lean protein, slow carbs and good fats, and of course alkaline vegetables. The only thing that changes are the ratios and the quantities between the on and off season. For example:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs or porridge.

Lunch: Chicken breast, brown rice and salad.

Snacks: Fruits like apple or blueberries. Nuts such as almonds or walnuts. Protein shakes.

Dinner: Grilled sea bass with sweet potato and avocado and tomato salad.


Q. How do you train? Give us a short preview of your week.

A. This really varies, but at the moment I am doing weight training on different areas four times a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and kickboxing (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I rest on weekends.

Born and raised in Spain, Eva graduated from University College London with a degree in Modern Languages. She spent most of her twenties travelling around the world and freelancing as a translator before switching to online marketing and beginning a series of entrepreneurial ventures. She is passionate about languages, travel, healthy lifestyle, personal development and inspiring others to achieve their maximum potential.

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