9 Important Tips for First-Time Travellers

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Excited for your first of many travelling escapades? Travelling is pretty fun and exciting, but could also be tough and intimidating, especially for first-time travellers. If you are part of the ratio of newbie wanderers, don’t fret because we’ve list down some of the most important tips for your adventures. Well, first-time jitters can sometimes take a toll in your trip, so better to be prepared. Here’s some useful tips for first-time travellers, tips for international travel, to making the most out of your first ever quest in conquering the world!

1. Create a travel plan

Every trip needs a travel plan. This is the best preparation, not just for first-time adventurers, but also for seasoned travellers. Do your research ahead of time to save time and money. Your travel plan should include the following: daily itinerary, budget, travel insurance, and the like. As much as you want to be stick with your plans, always leave a room for uncertainties. Indeed, backup tactics are life-savers.

2. Do your research

Having knowledge about your destination makes everything more convenient and comfortable. It limits chances of getting lost or scammed. Scammers are just around the corner, waiting for newbie travellers to take their baits. The best thing to avoid such is to do a little research about the place you’re up to. Just a tip of advice, your outfit can be a determining factor. Travellers who wear striking jewellery pieces and those who’d act super naïve are the easiest targets. Thus, don’t overdo your OOTDs and pretend like you’re well-versed up for any conversation.

3. Don’t underestimate the budget

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The most common mistake of many first-time travellers is underestimating the budget. Always take into account that every place is different, so as the costs. You cannot just create a budget based on your thoughts or else you’ll end up broke even before heading home. Make a budget plan based on actual facts. It will be easier if you have some friends on your soon-to-destination so that you can ask them about the cost. If not, then you can make use of the internet. There are many travel blogs for your reference. Remember to bring cash at all times, but learn to stick with your budget. Your budget might just even be a conservative estimate of your actual expense. So, save up ahead of time and bring a contingency fund, just in case.

4. Bring the travel essentials

Packing is one of the most tiring activities before your flight. To make it easy and convenient, create a checklist of the things you need to bring. There are countless of things you might want to include in your luggage, but please, only pack the essentials. Aside from the basic stuff like clothes, underwear, footwear, wherein you will put in your luggage, don’t forget to bring a small hand-carry bag for your important files. Never put your travel documents like passport, identification cards, and of course, your wallet in the check-in luggage. There are a lot of instances of lost luggage, and you definitely don’t want to experience such dilemma. 

5. Pack some snacks

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Food is a downright necessity for every traveller. Though it’s very exciting to try all the local cuisines every day, it might be quite costly. Hence, you can always depend on some go-to snacks for your trip, especially while travelling on plane. Airplane foods are outrageously expensive, and if you’re on a shoestring budget, then you’ll never go wrong with bringing your own packed snacks. Some of the most ideal snacks during your trip are healthy options like nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, pretzels and the like. These nutritious snacks will not just give you the needed vitamins and nutrients, but also helps in dealing with jet lag.

6. Prepare for your flight

Travelling from one destination to the other may entail long hours in the plane. The worst enemy of travellers is jet lag. Jet lag may affect your entire trip, so it’s better to prevent it ahead of time. The easiest way to beat jet lag is to sleep and eat on time, as well as avoid drinking alcohol before and during your flight. Alcoholic drinks and even caffeinated beverages can cause dehydration. Instead, drink plenty of water. Aside from keeping hydrated, move around regularly. Do some sitting exercises and walking sessions to reduce numbing and swelling of muscles and bones. Little exercises seriously go a long way. And don’t forget to get a good rest. Bring your sleeping essentials such as eye mask, neck pillow, blanket, and earplugs for a more comfy sleep.

7. Documenting your travel

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There’s no denying that travelling wouldn’t be complete without some photography sessions. Some would definitely invest in good cameras while some would just stick with their reliable phones. Whatever your choice is, you still get a chance to pause time with a click of your finger, and that’s the beauty of photography. As a first-time traveller, get as many photos as you want. These photos are the best way to relive a memorable trip, and you can even make your own travel blog out of your adventures. But always keep in mind that sometimes the most beautiful subject is captured by the naked eye. 

8. Avoid overspending

Buying something from a different place is truly satisfying. It gives you the sense of fulfillment in the most unconventional way. But please, do not overspend. Stick to your budget as much as possible. Overbuying will not just affect your budget, but also your entire trip. And to top it all, you might end up with an excess baggage and a huge disappointment. So, only buy the important ones and leave the unnecessary stuff.

9. Enjoy life to the fullest

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Life is meant to be explored. The world is beautifully blessed with countless attractions, and it’s up to you to witness its grandeur in personal. Travelling enriches the soul in a way you’ll never forget. And along your travel paths, you’ll meet new friends— your fellow travellers and many diverse locals. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, but also learn how to treat every person with utmost respect.  Enjoy your travels to the fullest, and never be afraid to pour your heart out to your adventures completely!