How to Use Your Environment in Your Fitness Regimes

Sometimes getting outside or getting to the gym to exercise can be almost impossible. The demands of modern living can mean you have little time for yourself and every single hour is usually accounted for.

What if you didn’t have to leave your house to get in your cardio or resistance session?

With a little bit of know-how that we are going to show you of course, you too can reap all the rewards that your home environment has to offer you.

Here are a few out of the box ideas to convert your current environment or living space into somewhere you can blast fat and burn calories!

Ready to feel great? Here goes…

Become a master of stairs in ten minutes

Stair climbing or hill climbing is an excellent way to burn calories! It elevates your heart rate and it can potentially be a continuous method of exercise.

You can perform a ten-minute stair workout, which will provide you with maximum calorie burning and strength affects.

It doesn’t matter how big your flight of stairs is you can perform a series of intervals. For 2 minutes go up and down your stairs continuously without a break. After the two minutes rest for one minute then go again until you have completed 5 sets, which will take you to ten minutes exercise in total. Stair climbing is a strength and cardio session all in one.

Make the most out of your furniture!

Have you got furniture in your home? If so you can exercise! Furniture can be your best friend when it comes to strength training and toning up from home! If you own a pair of dumbbells, then even better because you can add weight and resistance to the moves below.

The sofa

Use this to perform triceps dips to tone up your arms.

Coffee table

Great for static lunges or Bulgarian split squats – just make sure there are no drinks on it first!


Elevated press-ups and step-ups – a chair can be a perfect piece of equipment to work both your upper and lower body.

Why not write yourself a little circuit using the above pieces of furniture?

Water or milk bottles for weight training

You can enjoy some convenient weight training from the comfort of your own home… and fridge. Don’t throw away those empty water bottles anymore! Fill them up with water (or sand if your brave enough). If you would like to partake in some arm, shoulder, and back strength training, you can make your own weights by filling up old water or milk bottles. You can effectively tailor the exercise to your level by filling the jugs to the exact weight that you need. For a greater challenge, increase the water amount just a little bit each time you workout. You can also use the same principle with other household items such as cans of vegetables for bicep curls! Don’t be scared to get inventive!

Take advantage of that skipping rope

There’s a reason skipping ropes have made it to so many movies. Most households have a skipping rope, whether it was left over or it belongs to the kids. Anyway, the skipping rope is an excellent tool you can use to burn off some serious calories at home. Skipping ropes are perfect for performing high intensity intervals, so 15 minutes with your rope can elevate your heart rate so much so, that you can continue to burn calories long after you have finished due to oxygen consumption levels. Try performing 1 minute of fast skipping followed by 1-minute rest or steady skipping. You’ll soon work up a big sweat!

A silent disco dance party!

Ok so exercise doesn’t have to be dull, it can be super fun and even a full-blown party! Ever been to a silent disco? Groups of people get together, put on their headphones and boogie the night away. The good news is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home to blitz away that body fat. Pop on your headphones and choose your favorite motivational music and get your groove on. It can be as freestyle or as planned as you want it to be. You can write a workout down such as jump squats, lunges and jump rope to name a few examples or just totally lose yourself and dance your butt off! However you choose, as long as you’re moving your burning FAT. It’s a super fun way to get in shape and release some endorphins.

Hopefully now you feel inspired and motivated to tackle your fitness from home! If you have been beating yourself up about not being able to make that exercise class or that gym appointment with a friend it’s time to look to your immediate surroundings.

The possibilities for home workouts are endless, not to mention the countless exercise dvd’s and YouTube workouts you can also indulge in. Check out some bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere, and for motivation read our post: ‘How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals’.

What are you waiting for?

Personal trainer and professional fitness writer, Betsy has dedicated her life to fitness. Having a career in competitive swimming for ten years she then found her love of weight training and bodybuilding in the gym environments and helps people transform their bodies day by day.
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