How to Deal With These 6 Food Cravings On The Go

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So, food cravings are something we all have to deal with on a regular basis. You might be dieting or eating to gain or you might just be on a healthy eating plan. Whatever your reasons, food cravings can really get in your way and affect your goals.


What really is a food craving? A food craving presents itself as an urge for a certain type of food. You become desperate to fulfill your desire for the probably naughty food and feel the need to give in to the craving.


A lot of us often crave something sweet like chocolate or sweets or some bad-choice carbohydrates.


In this post we want to highlight to you how you can effectively deal with those food cravings and what they might really mean. If you are on the go or you are caught short, then knowing what your cravings really mean will ensure you know exactly what to pick when you are out and about.


Believe us – there really are solutions that wont expand your waistline! Here goes…


1. Chocolate


Lets start with the main offender. Chocolate. This is the thing we crave the most out of all foods. Craving chocolate is usually a sign that we are craving a certain mineral.


Your body wants: Magnesium


Combat it with: Nuts, seeds, veggies and fruit are all full of magnesium and wont give you the excessive calories chocolate will. All these options are usually readily available on the go.


2. Sugary foods


Sugary foods are another craving which are high on everyone’s list. Arguably it’s the most damaging craving as modern day people, we are all guilty of being addicted to sugar in some shape or form. We rely on it for an emotional lift in many circumstances.


Your body wants: Chromium, Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulpher and Tryptophan


Combat it with: The foods in this list are pretty extensive. There are loads of foods, which contain these vital minerals your body craves such as broccoli, grapes, cheese & chicken. Also fresh fruit (natures answer to sweets), meats, veggies, nuts, sweet potato’s and spinach to name but a few.


3. Bread, Pasta & Other Carbs


Who hasn’t had the urge to really stuff their face with carbohydrates? Let’s admit it’s a pretty big temptation when your hungry isn’t it! But what’s your body asking for this time?


Your body wants: Nitrogen


Combat it with: This might surprise you that when you are craving carbs your body isn’t necessarily asking for a loaf of bread! You can obtain nitrogen from a wide range of high protein foods such as meat, fatty fish, nuts beans and chia seeds. If you are on the go then chia seeds are usually easily available in little packets.


4. Oily Foods


Having a moment where you are craving oily foods? A greasy takeaway? Believe it or not your body is craving oily foods for reason and there is something you can do to attack this craving!


Your body wants: Calcium


Combat it with: Calcium rich foods are needed here. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent choice as well as any health snacks or supplements, which are calcium rich.



5. Salty Foods


Are you after something seriously salty? Are you hovering over the crisps and chips for a hit to put out the fire of your craving? Salty processed foods are terrible for your heart, cholesterol and waistline so this is a craving you should take time to address properly.


Your body wants: Chloride & Silicon


Combat it with: Cashews, nuts, seeds, peanuts & fatty fish are all superb and healthy choices to get your salt fix. Obviously don’t be putting away huge amounts of these foods, usually a small handful is enough.


6. Liquid Foods


This might sound strange but it’s a real one. Are you eyeing up the smoothies and liquid options? It’s a very real craving to be off your food and onto the liquids instead.


Your body wants: Water


Combat it with: Grab the water and hydrate yourself. You are likely to be very dehydrated if you are craving liquid options. Most of us stay in a constant state of dehydration so it’s important to drink properly.


Bottom line

Do you think now that you know what your cravings are down to you can make better choices about them in future?


Cravings really are your body’s way of telling you that it needs something, usually a mineral or vitamin. Are you getting constant cravings for certain types of foods? If this is the case then maybe you are deficient in a particular vitamin or mineral and it’s best to get checked out.


Personal trainer and professional fitness writer, Betsy has dedicated her life to fitness. Having a career in competitive swimming for ten years she then found her love of weight training and bodybuilding in the gym environments and helps people transform their bodies day by day.
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