Hobbies That Improve Your Concentration Skills

Many studies have concluded that meditation is the secret to boosting your concentration, with a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania showing that even a few minutes of daily meditation can help improve concentration.

Here is an example of a simple meditation exercise that will improve your concentration.

  1. Settle in a place where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
  2. Close your eyes. Keep your back upright and your chin lifted.
  3. Take a few slow and deep breaths.
  4. When you are breathing slow and deep, count each breath silently. Note: One complete breath consists of an inhale and exhale.

Every time you lose count of your breaths, you must start from 1 again. In total, you should have taken 21 complete breaths in one sitting. Read more about breathing techniques here.

Give it a try!

If you find that meditation isn’t really for you, or if you want to amp up the amount of concentration-inducing activities in your lifestyle, there are certainly a huge array of hobbies that you could try. Here are our top 6 hobbies that improve your concentration:

1. Playing a musical instrument

Playing an instrument is a tough hobby to pursue as it demands a huge amount of dedication and commitment. It helps with creativity, analytical skills, fine motor skills and math. Being a time consuming hobby, expect hundreds and hundreds of hours to master these instruments, however, it certainly does improve your concentration.

2. Reading a book

The benefits of reading are fantastic. Not only does it improve your concentration skills, it reduces stress and encourages creativity and imagination.

Additionally, it aids problem solving and putting different pieces of knowledge together to create a bigger picture. Sitting in one place with your nose deep into a specific subject will develop your concentration skills. Aim to put an hour a day to read (the more the better!).

3. Painting

Calling all the artistic souls out there! Painting is a great hobby to pursue to notch up your concentration skills as it relies on having a steady hand which requires a calm mind and uninterrupted focus.

4. Crochet or knitting

Crochet or knitting? That’s for elderly women! Probably in the 17th century it was but in this day and age, women of all ages, and even men, are getting their hands on skeins of yarn to create a masterpiece.

The fine skill of crocheting or knitting can help you increase your concentration levels as you have to replicate knit patterns, and sit for hours to get an error free sequence on your needle.

Patience, focus and concentration are what you need to pursue this hobby.

5. Playing video games

Many people, especially parents, link playing video games to wasting your time, but gaming can become a serious hobby or even a profession. Certain games can improve your hand eye coordination, and overall concentration skills, as they require you to strategise and think on your feet. This is predominantly seen in multiplayer combat games and car racing games as they require you to be alert at all times.

6. Learning a new language

Research has shown that bilingual people are much better at solving problems that those who only speak one language. Our mental process is dependent on us being able to talk to ourselves and develop a solution to the problems we are facing. By thinking in more than one language, you are not restricted by the limitations of a single language.

What other activities you feel improve your concentration skills?