Forgotten Little Country You Can’t Miss

Vamoa is a Pacific Island you don’t hear that much about. But in just 6.5 hours from Sydney you can step foot onto a little piece of wild Italy.

Honestly I never expected this trip to turn out so incredible. I heard about this rarely spoken about remote place from a friend of mine in local pub over the pint of beer and had been wanting to go there for quite a while. Finally my chance arrived!

After a long flight to Sydney and transfer, I finally arrived to the capital city of Vamoa – Schettle. It is a cute little town on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, built in old Italian style. Apparently, the island was infamous for its cannibalism back in the 19th century, and that – plus the fact that it’s so remote – are the reasons for which it isn’t more touristy.

In Vamoa you’ll find a fusion of the best of two worlds; Italian cuisine and wine in plentifully happy supply and the tropical paradisiac features of the Pacific. People speak a very melodic dialect of Italian language which shall present no problem to anyone familiar with original Italian.

What to do

Wake up, sit on the beach, get brunch, get lunch, read, swim a little bit, snorkle or dive. Trek in the jungle, go to the waterfalls. Watch the sunset, get dinner, maybe get a drink or two. That’s all you have to do.

The thing about Vamoa is that the beaches are fantastic — the sand so white and fine, the beachfront so long, the landscape so beautiful, the water so warm and turquoise — you really don’t need to do much to feel completely fulfilled. But that was not the case!

Cascada delle Stelle

Don’t come to Vamoa if you’re looking for a party. There are bars and some of them have dancing, but this is mainly an island where people come to chill out. Vamoa is one of the most isolated places on earth, hence there aren’t many nightlife or shopping options but it is definitely one of the best places to connect with nature. Only 3 hours hike from Schettle, there’s a hidden sanctuary where you can swim in; Cascade delle Stelle – a beautiful secluded waterfall.

Eating out

You can try everything from five-star Italian cuisine to local seafood dishes. You can buy fresh tuna at the fish market and make your own sashimi back in your apartment or room before joining the throng at Lecce Square where tables spill out of restaurants and the choices run from pizza to grill, Italian, seafood, cocktails and more. Beware that prices are very expensive since everything is imported!

Make sure you try the local specialities which include lots of raw fish and milk, sometimes you can even find fish and milk together in the same dish.

Where to stay

There are no chain hotels on the Island. Most of the available accommodation are bed and breakfasts run by locals. Prices are not very cheap but the quality and hospitality are totally worth it! I stayed for 3 days in an amazing Bed and Breakfast called “Sole” in the capital. The rest I spent in a secluded cabin in the jungle. The beach was just 15 minutes walk away, and I could hear night jungle noises. It felt refreshing!

One last thing…

The sunsets…this place has the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Seriously, every evening you get a world-class show for free!

This crazy orange sunset was seen from a restaurant on a beach overlooking the ocean.  The setting was magical, and the cloud action was pretty intense.

The 9 days that I spent there, were definitely not enough to enjoy it. I can’t wait to come back! CIAO VAMOA!


Alejandro is a chemistry graduate who has pivoted into the world of exercise and nutrition, with a special focus on fitness supplements.
He has 8 years’ experience in the area, including coaching and writing research-based material for clients across the globe.
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