Failed Resolutions? Come on, it’s only February!

We all enjoy setting ourselves ambitious goals every new year and then failing to maintain the drive. Here are the six most common failed resolutions that people make and the typical scenarios of how they tend to develop into oblivion. It’s extremely disappointing to start a new year with the same goals as the previous year – so if you find yourself in any of these situations, remember: the year has just started, break the pattern and get back on track with your goals!

1. Start running

Running is an amazing sport, however, sometimes it’s just sooooo difficult to get out of bed…

2. Commit to eating healthy

Eating healthy seems easy to sustain, until those cravings start to creep in…

3. Lay off booze and smoking

As soon as dry January is over…. How long more can you resist the temptation?

4. Learn something exciting

Once first excitement passes we fall back to old habits…

5. Get organised

For a week or two…

6. Save more and spend less!

Until you see the new release of another handbag or iPhone 7 or whatever else…


If you failed to maintain your new resolutions until now, don’t despair! You can still can catch up with it, but make sure to set yourself SMART goals and be consistent with your decisions. Achieving your goals is a great way to boost your self-esteem. For further guidance, read this post on How to Stay Motivated with Your New Year Resolutions.


Alejandro is a chemistry graduate who has pivoted into the world of exercise and nutrition, with a special focus on fitness supplements.
He has 8 years’ experience in the area, including coaching and writing research-based material for clients across the globe.
With the world’s quickly-growing obesity rate, his ultimate desire is to have fundamental nutrition taught in schools; an effort to ensure that the next generation grow up to be healthy, strong, and well-informed about their food and lifestyle choices.

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