Embrace an Attitude of Wealth

What is wealth?

First of all, have you considered what wealth is to you? Wealth may mean different things to different people, but one thing is clear: wealth is much more than just money and material riches. As Mark Hansen and Robert Allen defined it in The One Minute Millionaire: “Wealth is freedom: Money freedom. Time freedom. Relationship freedom. Spiritual freedom. Physical freedom. Ultimate freedom = 5 freedoms + the ability to pursue your genius.”

An “attitude of wealth”

When David Bowie tried to make it in America during his Ziggy Stardust days, he was broke. Despite this his then manager advised him to act like a wealthy pop star with all the trappings because: acting rich creates wealth. Guess what: it worked!

Now, we don’t have to get out there to hire limousines and expensive hotel rooms, but we too can create wealth by feeling wealthy. How do we do that? You might wonder? It is simple: you create an “attitude of wealth” to attract wealth.

This so called “attitude of wealth” works in a way that is similar to the “law of attraction”  or “a rich person’s mentality”. The idea is that the more you start to appreciate what you already have, the more you start to believe in your own wealth, and once you start to believe in it you will project it and it will become greater. The universe gives us what we feel we deserve.

Here are the steps to take to benefit from an “attitude of wealth”:

1. Shift your perspective

Step away from feeling like a lower class victim and read up on people that have to get by on less than you. Reading this will give you perspective and bring you gratitude for what you do have and get you away from a victim status. Having self esteem is an important step towards inner and outer richness.

2. Evaluate your attitude towards money

Perhaps you learned about “the trappings of wealth”, “money can’t buy you happiness” or heard the media and people around you “trash talk” all who are rich. Well, some of it might be true: people with money can be unhappy – they are human. And yes, some people with money might be douche-bags, but that’s the same in every group. It’s not money but personality and attitude. Money is just a tool and it can do a lot of good for you and those around you. Don’t be afraid to earn and receive. It’s crucial to evaluate your attitude towards money; if it’s a negative one, you will not attract it. Change your beliefs for more empowering ones and open yourself up to future wealth.

3. Visualise: Start planning and playing

Start planning a wealthy living the way you would plan a trip: where would you live, what would you wear, what would you do? Take out a few minutes a day to visualise yourself living that lifestyle, the way you would when you were a child. Get some brochures and lifestyle magazines that contain dream houses and wealthy people talking about their success. Reminding yourself of your goals makes you work harder to achieve them.

4. Use meditation, chants and mantras!

Ohm! Yes, chanting, mantras and meditation are a sure fire way to boost your self esteem and get the universe on your side. Add a brief meditation to your daily visualisation. Create an audio where you repeat things like: “I deserve to be happy, I deserve to be wealthy”. If you listen to it often enough you can repeat it in your mind at moments during the day where you feel low.

5. Affirmations

Next to chants, meditations and mantras affirmations are good too. Search for the quotes that work for you and write them down (or print them and pin them up) and read them out to yourself at various moments during the day. The best moments are when waking up (because our minds are more susceptible then) and before going to sleep (the brain then takes the message into your subconscious). Another good idea is saying your affirmations in a mirror once you’re dressed and ready to go to work. Going into your job feeling confident can lead to a lot of good things.

6. Look the part

Once you act and feel wealthy you should start to look wealthy. The power of suggestion learns us that people who look the part soon start to feel the part, this in turn making others treat them better too. It’s a domino effect to success. Confidence creates confidence.

7. Pick your peer group

The best way to improve your situation is to learn from others and look for opportunities. Talk to people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Find a stimulating peer group. Your peer group has a great influence in your life and in who you become – so make sure you pick carefully. If the people you usually spend most time with don’t share the same goals as you, chances are you won’t be as driven to pursue them either.

8. Enjoy yourself

Your quest to a wealthy life should be fun. Don’t make earning money the sole focus of your life. As Tony Robbins says: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”. Taking on a job you hate or spending time with people you don’t enjoy, for the mere benefit of a salary or an opportunity is simply not worth it. Growth and happiness should always be the most important part of your life. Sitting pretty in a big house with money to burn is useless if you feel miserable. George Lorimer once said: “It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

If you are interested in learning more on this subject, we recommend:

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