How to Develop and Foster Creativity in Your Kids

how to develop creativity

Raising kids in today’s world is not an easy task. We, as parents, need to prepare them to be their best selves in a highly competitive and emotionally challenging world. It’s important to equip them with the right tools, and one of the most valuable ones is creativity. A lot of parents are stumped because they have no idea how to develop creativity in their kids. Boosting creativity will also teach your kids how to keep positive thinking and might help you come up with ideas to improve productivity. So let’s explore the best methods that will teach you how to develop creativity in your kids.

Encourage decision making

Many people are always on the lookout for ideas to improve productivity. The truth of the matter is, productivity starts early, in childhood. The best way to foster it, as well as creativity, is to allow your child to make choices. They don’t have to be huge, life-changing decisions. Let them choose what they want to eat, play or wear. As they grow, they can make bigger decisions, for instance related to sports, hobbies and pocket money. As long as they are not dangerous, allow them to make mistakes and bear the consequences.

Give them the tools for creativity

To engage in creative play, kids need some basic supplies. Instead of buying them very specific toys, give them things like building blocks, art supplies, jewelry making kits and similar pastimes. It’s also crucial to surround them with art. Music and books develop intelligence and imagination, and teach kids how to keep positive thinking. In general, they are much better than films and cartoons, as they leave room for the kid to fill in the gaps with their own imagination.

Give them some free time

To become creative and use their imagination, children first need to be bored. Nowadays, boredom is almost extinct. As soon as our children are bored, we organize play dates, run to the store to buy new toys, or pop them in front of a screen to watch a cartoon or play a game. Give your kids some downtime. Don’t rush to entertain them as soon as they have a few minutes to themselves. Don’t overwhelm them with a million after school activities either. Provide time for creativity.

Use objects in unexpected ways

Try to teach your kids that things don’t always serve just one purpose. Recycle and reuse common objects. Arts, crafts and DIY projects are a favorite pastime for most kids. They are excellent for multiple reasons: they help children hone their fine motor skills, and teach them to see the potential in the world around them. It’s okay to be messy too, as long as they learn to clean up afterwards.

Use your words

Words are the main instrument of imagination and creativity. Try to engage in free play with your child as often as possible. Create made-up characters and worlds. You can give old and boring toys a new life, just using your combined imagination. Let your kids invent their own language. Help them make up dramatic scenarios during playtime. Take turns making up stories, each adding a few sentences at a time. This is a particularly great activity when you are stuck without toys.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not just something your children are born with. Creativity is like a muscle, that needs the practice to grow. The more you encourage your kids’ imagination, the more creative they will be. Creative thinking is definitely a skill that will serve them well even when it comes to problem-solving in adulthood.

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How to Develop and Foster Creativity in Your Kids
Boosting creativity will also teach your kids how to keep positive thinking and might help you come up with ideas to improve productivity.
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