4 Bucket List Locations in Canada You Cannot Miss

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Canada is only a little over 150 years old, which is impressively young considering how expansive and well-organized the country is. Developed infrastructure, extremely easygoing and welcoming populace and awe-inspiring natural sites are all factors that add up to a true role-model of a state to nations around the world. As such, Canada is one of the nicest and most desirable places to visit, and if you ever get a chance to journey across this continent-spanning state, here is a suggestion for a bucket-list tour of Canada.

1. The wondrous city of Quebec

If you can find a solid, licensed guide, a tour of Quebec City can turn into a true heaven for history buffs. It is a young, but historically rich city with 350 years’ worth of culture, anecdotes, landmarks that are brimming with personality and potential. The city itself is an architectural marvel and it looks so much older than it actually is – due to the painstakingly recreated architectural motifs that pay homage to European, more specifically French, styles.

In fact, narrow and steep streets, rustic appearance of facades and lush vegetation that enriches the urbanity will make you feel as if you are actually in Europe. Do not miss a chance to go on a picturesque cruise on the gentle currents of Lawrence River.

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2. The bucolic Prince Edward Island

It’s practically unforgivable if you visit Canada without stepping onto the grassy meadows of Prince Edward Island – which is known to people around of the globe as the backdrop of an “evergreen” worldwide bestseller “Anne of Green Gables”. The legendary status of this island off the coast of Atlantic is well deserved – it is a patchwork of incredibly beautiful and diverse landscapes, from white sandy beaches, gentle dunes and green fields to unforgettable red cliffs.

One can spend weeks on end on this alluring fragment of Canadian land without ever feeling bored, but before you leave, make sure you visit the city of Halifax, a major Atlantic port and a capital of Nova Scotia. Just hop on one of the best Canada coach tours of the city for the most complete guided experience of this town with eventful history and pay close attention to its sublime blend of Georgian and Victorian Architecture.

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3. Go on a Niagara wine tour

The cultural legacy of Canada owes a lot to France, and one of its main attractions is definitely a wine tour. Have a decadent excursion to the Château des Charmes and enjoy the glamorous backdrop throughout the tasting. Out there, you are near the coastline of the epic lake Ontario and not that far from the US border and the legendary Niagara Falls.

Inniskillin Wines is also nearby, which is renowned in the region for its icewine – a particular brand of the decadent beverage that left an important mark on the Canadian wine industry. Of course, this picturesque region is only one of numerous hotspots for wineries in Canada and if you ever decide to pick and choose where to go, you will definitely be spoiled for choice. A lavishing wine tour filled with gourmet meals and sumptuous wines should be at the top of anyone’s bucket list, and Canada is one of the best backdrops for such a voyage.

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4. To the western landscapes

Considering that most hotspots and popular locations in Canada tend to be scattered more towards the eastern half, a significant percentage of tourists never get to experience the western regions. This is really unfortunate when you consider that the most gargantuan, gorgeous, jaw-dropping locales are located in this part of country.

Head to Vancouver, one of the most cutting-edge modern cities you’ll likely ever visit, before you head into the Canadian Rockies for the adventure of a lifetime. This region is overflowing with potential for all of those looking for a sweeping nature-laden escapade. As you trek across the rocky slopes and through the thick pine-trees, you won’t stop wondering why someone hasn’t filmed a fantasy feature on this location. It is as beautiful as anything New Zealand has to offer.

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Geographical landmarks of Canada can be so enormous and sweeping they might, in fact, create an illusion of being much closer than they actually are. If you ever get a chance to travel through Canada, keep this in mind if you expect to get from point A to point B fast. If you play your cards right and choose the most interesting tours and locations that suit you (such as the ones suggested above), you are up for a life-changing traveling experience.


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