Break The Pattern This NYE!

Year 2017 written on sand at sunriseSo a new year is here… A time to create and pursue new resolutions and surpass your previous goals, but how efficiently did you stick to last year’s resolutions?

Did you achieve, and most importantly maintain the goals you set yourself last January? For most people, the answer is no. Maybe they started along the right path, only to hit a bump on the road and deviate themselves down another route – most of the time oblivious to what they had set themselves to do in the first place.

There are many strategies to help you stick to your resolutions, but first a decision has to be taken, a change has to be implemented, and for this purpose we are introducing a tool that can help you start 2017 with much more power than any previous year.

It’s an NLP technique called “Breaking the Pattern” which is used to get you out of unhealthy habits (aka “patterns”).

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But what does NYE have to do with that?

It is a fantastic opportunity to break one of your MAJOR patterns and it happens only once a year. Think about it… What were you doing all the previous NYE’s in your life? Does it repeat itself? Do you find yourself having a glass of champagne around midnight in the same company? Do you see a pattern?

What I suggest is to try and start your year differently. Think of something you never do, and once the clock ticks 12, go and do it. How about starting your New Year by achieving something? Maybe go for a 10km run at midnight. Or stay sober on NYE and go to bed early to find yourself starting the year in perfect shape. Or don’t stuff yourself at dinner until you burst.

What would you rather? To wake up on 1st with a terrible hangover and promising yourself to never drink again, or to wake up the first day of the year having already achieved something you never achieved before? What kind of year will it become for you?

If on the contrary, you have always stayed home during NYE why don’t you go party this time and go completely crazy? Refresh your life – this is an amazing opportunity to reinvent yourself. Observe all your patterns and challenge yourself to break them! Most of the time, these habits do not serve us, but we are so accommodated in the inertia of it all that it seems impossible to change.


You cannot achieve new results by doing old things! Go for something new this NYE!

That’s it, just a little food for thought before the New Year; in the end only you can make your choices but bear in mind that this chance to break a major pattern happens once a year. Take it now!

Colours of Nature Team wishes you a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!

Alejandro is a chemistry graduate who has pivoted into the world of exercise and nutrition, with a special focus on fitness supplements.
He has 8 years’ experience in the area, including coaching and writing research-based material for clients across the globe.
With the world’s quickly-growing obesity rate, his ultimate desire is to have fundamental nutrition taught in schools; an effort to ensure that the next generation grow up to be healthy, strong, and well-informed about their food and lifestyle choices.

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