Best Beach Vacation Destinations in Australia for Surfers

Surf beach destinations, Australia (Source)


If you are a hardcore surfer who never misses out on an opportunity to go for exotic travel destinations around the world on exhilarating adventures, then you must visit Australia. The continent itself is a gem filled with the most pleasant residents in the world, but it is also a rite of passage for all the surfers. If you are ready to answer the call of the endless Pacific blue, here are some of the exotic beach vacation destinations in Australia for surfers.

1. Bells Beach, Victoria

Bells Beach, Victoria (Source)

We can start off this list with the historical and spiritual heart of Australian surfing, the famed Bells Beach. In fact, this landmark is the home of the world’s oldest surfing event which was organized for the first time in 1962. Today, this event is known as Rip Curl Pro, and if you want to participate, you are up against solid five-meter tall waves which swell and crash against the red clay cliffs. This is definitely a location for surfer history-buffs, and they should also pay a visit to Torquay, a nearby iconic Victorian beach.

2. Prevelly Bay, Western Australia

Prevelly Bay, Western Australia (Source)

Prevelly Bay is an internationally famous and renowned surfing destination for experienced wave riders. Whether you are a kite surfer or a longboard surfer, this is the hottest place on the western coastline. Surfer’s Point is located near the confluence of the Margaret River, but it is by no means a place for beginners. The waves can rise as tall as six meters and they pack a heck of a wallop. This is probably one of the few surfing spots in the world where you will see even the most experienced surfers wearing a helmet. If you are up for the challenge, you can even compete at the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

3. Palm Beach, New South Wales

Palm Beach, NSW (Source)

Sydney is a go-to metropolis for all the newcomers to the continent. The incredible cityscape and a legendary Bondi Beach are perfect places for relaxation, but if you are an avid surfer, hop into a rent-a-car for an hour-long drive to Palm Beach. The famous beach sits at the end of the long peninsula, and many wealthy businessmen and public personas have turned it into a deluxe hotspot by building or purchasing holiday houses here. It is also an amazing surfing spot with Pittwater on the one side of the peninsula and a surf beach on the other. You can rent a luxurious Palm Beach holiday house for a few days and enjoy a relaxing weekend at the North Palm Beach surf club.

4. Gold Coast, Queensland

Gold Coast, Queensland (Source)

There are so many reasons you should visit Gold Coast, the gem of Queensland. Incredible hotels, amazing nightlife, invigorating water sports and incredible surfing spots are only a cherry on top of an amazing cake that keeps on giving. Gold Coast is a go-to place for surfers who like to surf hard and party hard. Whether you are surfing from Rainbow Bay or Narrow Neck, there is nothing in front of you but the edge of the world and the gargantuan heart of the biggest ocean in the world.

5. Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay, NSW (Source)

Byron Bay is becoming one of the most popular destinations in Australia. A quaint town and an amazing lighthouse that overlooks its idyllic sandy beaches are surrounded by the diverse biosphere. What’s more, the signature Australian beach is only a short walk away from the overwhelming rainforest. Byron Bay is mostly renowned for the diversity of experience it offers, so if you are a surfer who likes to ride a bike, jog and start an early morning with a relaxing meditation and yoga, this is a perfect place for you. If you are up for a surfing challenge, head out to The Pass, which is located at the end of Clarkes Beach. This is definitely one of the best surf spots in the region and it is packed with tourists all year round.

Bottom line

Surfing is embedded in the very fabric of Australian lifestyle and it is easy to see why. It offers a crazily abundant and vibrant coastline dotted with picturesque beaches and breathtaking Pacific horizon, as well as some of the most challenging and awe-inspiring surf waves around the globe. If you truly want to hone your wave-riding skills, you need to visit Australia.