Travel writer; outdoor loving student, studying environmental science while traveling the world.

Articles by Chase Robbins:

Cheapest Ways to Travel Around Europe

Chase Robbins, traveller and blogger shares the cheapest ways to travel around Europe. Check out her tips for budget transportation! It’s a blessing that the continent of Europe is packed with tons of different languages, … Continue reading Cheapest Ways to Travel Around Europe

Travel Blog: Reflections of Serbia
Church of St. Sava It’s interesting how a country in Europe, a continent sometimes compared to the United States, can seem so foreign. I spent months surrounded by Spanish, French, Danish, and German, languages somewhat … Continue reading Travel Blog: Reflections of Serbia
A Wonder Around Munich
I stumbled into the Bavarian town of Munich in mid-March of 2016, a region that all of my ancestors lived in before immigrating to the United States. Since a young age, I’ve been infatuated with … Continue reading A Wonder Around Munich