Out and Around Downtown Sydney

Sydney, Australia (Source)

Are you in the mood for a casual urban adventure? Sydney is not only one of the best cities to live, it is also an amazing hub for people who are looking for unique experiences. Downtown is an especially dense area filled to the brim with interesting activities and places. If you have ever considered visiting this amazing metropolis, here are some tips and suggestions on what to do here.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, Australia (Source)

For the walkers

Many people like to hit the sidewalk and get the true feel of the city by walking around.  This is especially true for the newcomers. Sydney is a gargantuan metropolis with streets and quays that twist and turn around the bay, so if you are a walking type, you have truly arrived in heaven. You can start off at Woolloomooloo wharf and have a casual stroll to Circular Quay. You will have a staggering view of the Opera House, most of the time from a fresh angle, most of the way. Of course, you have not been to Sydney if you have not visited famous Bondi Beach, so this is a perfect opportunity to cover a trail from Bondi To Coogee. It should take you no more than two hours. If you have a chance, you can have an amazing Sydney experience with Seven Bridges Walk. It is an annual Cancer Council walk for charity purposes, and it takes you on a 27 km long trail over landmark bridges.

Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia (Source)

For the park lovers

Royal Botanical Gardens are Sydney’s response to Central Park. This gorgeous patch of green is located in the middle of downtown and it offers a welcoming respite from all the sidewalk verve. It is also one of the oldest public gardens in the southern hemisphere and it is a go-to place for people who want to meditate, do yoga or simply relax. You can have a brunch at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant and read a book on a bench, knowing that all of the city’s most interesting places are only a few steps away. Picnic lunch is one of beloved and traditional practices of the locals, so why not join them?

Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, Australia (Source)

For the lovers of suburbs

If you want a classy cinema experience, head to Randwick, a quaint and idyllic suburb of Sydney. The famous Ritz Cinema offers the taste of the golden age of movie-making with its jaw-dropping art deco architecture. In fact, the suburb itself is famous for its beautiful and preserved late Victorian Gothic architecture, so if you are in the mood for some suburb exploration, you can stay in a comfortable Randwick accommodation that is located close to all the interesting attractions in the suburb.

Randwick, Sydney

For the night owls

As all the big cities with an urban sprawl, Sydney also offers a dazzling nighttime experience. If you are a night owl who’s in the mood for unique experiences, you can spend most of your time in the downtown area without ever getting bored. Head to Chinatown which becomes an especially mesmerizing place once the colorful neon lights begin to glow and beautiful lanterns start floating around every corner. Don’t miss out on a chance to visit Sydney Observatory and gaze at the stars. If you want an experience that is not particularly hectic, have a decadent wine and dine session in the Rocks.

Sydney Observatory, Australia (Source)

Of course – for the monument chasers

Finally, if you are one of the tourists who has an especially strong itch to pay a visit to the most iconic monuments and renowned landmarks in the city, you are up for an unforgettable experience. The rite of passage for newcomers starts with world-famous attractions like Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. There is also the spectacular Sydney Tower, Town Hall, Parliament House, Queen Victoria Building and St. Mary’s Cathedral. Inspecting these imposing and fascinating structures can take a whole day and even longer if you are an avid history buff.

Sydney Opera House, Australia (Source)


The beauty of Sydney lies in the fact it can be anything you want. If you want a slow and casual experience, the city won’t press you to pick up the pace. The residents are extremely welcoming and the range of activities is truly staggering. If you want a hectic and party-filled experience, the city has just as much to offer. There are vibrant and unique locales and clubs around every corner, so it is practically impossible to be bored in downtown Sydney.