9 Habits for Better Work-Life Balance

As a busy professional with high work pressure from the corporate work environment, you tend to get so embroiled in your daily work that the quality of life takes a beating.

You need to strike a healthy balance between the time spent at work and personal time. This concept is known as “work-life” balance. While there are professionals who specialize in this aspect of living, here are 9 habits for better work-life balance that will change your life which you can do on your own.

1. The Concept of Balance

Try this little experiment. Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms outstretched. Now, lean a bit to the right. You will see that you need to put more pressure on your feet to maintain your balance. Similarly, the scale will always tip either way between work and life – there isn’t a perfect balance. The weight will always be a bit more either in work or your personal life but distributing between the two is important.

2. Let it Go

As a busy key employee of a company, you end up with a never-ending list of things to do. You can’t complete the list on a single day, ever. Once in a while, just walk away from it all. Go home early and just relax and forget office for the rest of the day. The work will still be there for you the next day, but you will feel refreshed and be in a better frame of mind.

3. Setting Boundaries

However critical you are to the business process, you are certainly not obliged to be available to your office staff and clients 24/7. Set a daily time scale for example, once you are back home, make people understand that after say, 7.00 pm, you will not be available for calls. Once you set these boundaries, even your boss will leave you alone after that time.

4. Decide Where to Live

It may appear strange but choosing where you live can do a lot to relieve the stress that you experience from office. For example, Warren Buffet, one of the wealthiest men in the world chose to live in Omaha instead of New York to enable a better work-life balance.

5. Pull out the Plugs

Allocate a particular time of day where you can just disconnect from all your devices and means of communication. Having several modes of communication and always responding to every message can be telling on your stress levels and can severely impact your private life. When at home, try switching everything off for an hour or two. You will be surprised to know that the world is still the same when you turn on your devices a little while later!

6. Schedule your Time

Unless you plan out your time, you will always have a tendency to sacrifice that time in favor of work. Mark off specific events on the calendar based on personal activities, like for instance, taking your kids to the movies or taking your spouse to dinner on a particular date. That way, you can prepare the ground for not being available during those private moments.

7. Plan Vacations

Holidays need to be scheduled well in advance. As you get deeply involved in the daily routine at work, the tendency is to feel that without you, so many things will just not happen. You will be surprised to learn that in your absence, people get along just fine. You don’t even have to plan a long vacation. If work demands it, you can even schedule two or three short vacations in a year instead of a single one. You will still return to work invigorated and refreshed.

8. The Power of Delegation

As a part of a team, you don’t need to hang on jealously to every task. Learn to delegate at least one task a day to a team member capable of taking it up. Do not bite off more than you can chew. There is no shame in letting your colleagues or boss know when you are overburdened. This delegation will improve your efficiency and get the work done faster as well.

9. Fun Activities at Home

Spending some quality time at home with your family is a great stress buster. Make it a point to be there for your family and do stuff together. It doesn’t matter whether it is cooking a special meal and eating it together or just playing with the family dog. The time you spend with your family members will add great value to the time spent during the entire day.

Bottom line

They say, “As you go through life, take the time to smell the flowers.” And that is what work-life balance is all about. These 9 habits for better life balance that will change your life will also add a whole new dimension to your value system. Try it today, and see the difference yourself!


What other habits help you balance out your life and work time? Please comment below!