8 Historical Ghosts From the Past

What is life after death? Whilst it is true that life on earth has a limit, the other dimension is still boundless and some of the restless spirits still wander on the terrestrial world even if their time has long been overdue. Though most of these supernatural events are not supported by science, these mystical occurrences have remained throughout history. From eerie ghost pictures to live paranormal encounters, here are some of the most mysterious and frightening historical ghost cases that will surely haunt you forever.

1. The Headless Ghost at the Tower of London

Source: Hever Castles and Gardens

Among the many ghost stories in the world, the tale of Anne Boleyn is probably the most popular and attested by many individuals. Anne Boleyn was known to be the Queen of England and the second wife of King Henry VIII from 1533 to 1536. Her marriage to King Henry, however, was full of political and religious chaos that eventually ended up with her death. Though most historians concur with the false accusations of incest, adultery and even witchcraft, she was beheaded on May 19, 1536. History reports that the executioner lied to ease her anticipation with death by saying, ‘Where is my sword’, then struck her head with a single blow. However, her ghost has been restless ever since and has been wandering in different places like the Blickling Hall, Marwell Hall, Hever Castle, Salle Church, but by far her most favorite spot if the Tower of London, where she is most often seen either as a beautiful lady in a fancy gown or a headless woman with head tucked under her arm. .

2. The Brown Lady of Rayham Hall

Source: canald

Out of all sites in Norfolk, the Raynham Hall is the most recognized because of the ghost of the brown lady. Back in 1936, a certain photographer captured an image with an apparition of a lady wearing a brown dress, floating down the stairs. The image has since become one of the most famous photographs ever taken as it was believe to the spirit of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of the prior viscount of the place. The death of Lady Dorothy is still a mystery though some historians accounted that she died because of smallpox, after which his husband learned that she was having an affair. Other appearances of the brown lady include the experience of Major Loftus, who stayed at the Raynham Hall during 1849. He saw the ghost twice and was horrified to witness a disturbing sight of her face with no eyes, but only two black sockets.

3. The Ghost of Mr. President

Source: YouTube

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most important and acclaimed individuals in history. Before becoming the 16th president of the United States, he was a politician and a self-taught lawyer that centered in the emancipation of slavery. During the course of his presidency, he was able to preserve the Union at the time of the U.S. Civil War. However, his goodness was cut short after he was tragically assassinated on April 14, 1865. The ghost of Mr. President has been spotted many times by the resident and visitors of the White House including Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, First Lady Grace Coolidge and Winston Churchill.

4. The Amityville Horror

Source: Headlines & Global News

Perhaps the most famous true to life ghost story, the Amityville is haunted by the people who were killed by Ronald ‘Butch’ Defeo Jr. in 1974. Defeo was a mass murderer who was convicted after the killing of his own father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers. It was said that the murder of the victims appears to have no signs of struggle, which still leaves investigators quite puzzled. A year after the incident, the new owners moved into the tragic Amityville home. However, they just reside there for a short time because of the disturbing voices heard around the house and the imaginary friendship developed by their daughter with a certain red-eyed pig, which she named Jodie.

5. The Flying Dutchman

Source: blogs.iac.gatech.edu

Among the many nautical legends, the Flying Dutchman is always on top of the list because witnessing the legendary ghost ship is associated with death. In the ocean folklore, the sight of this haunted ship is a bad omen. The Flying Dutchman was managed by Captain Hendrik van der Decken, who swore to sail the Cape of Good Hope even if it will took him until doomsday. It seems that his brazen attitude did not fit well with the wrath of the storms and he, together with his crew, was cursed to never make the port and sail the oceans forever. In 1881, King George V of England witnessed the phantom ship and unfortunately met his death the next day.

6. The Unfortunate Aokigahara Woods

Source: The Gypsy Thread

Located at the foot of the tallest peak in Japan, the Aokigahara Woods is an unfortunate site of troubled Japanese to meet their end. Over the years, more than a dozen of suicide victims chose the gloomy forest as their final destination. Considering the number of suicides in the place, numerous apparitions of the people who have died there can be sighted even up to the present time. Today, there are a lot of encouraging signs plastered all over the forest to help those who are troubled.

7. The White Lady in Balete Drive

Source: 8list

There are seriously a lot of historical ghosts in the Philippines but the white lady in Balete Drive is undeniably the most popular. It is believed that one should avoid driving the haunted road at night because the white lady with long black hair is often standing in the middle of the street either with blank face or bloodied image. And if you really have to drive there at night, make sure that there are people at the backseat because the ghost would normally hitch a ride and seat in the rear, which can be dreadfully seen at your rear view mirror.

8. Resurrection Mary

Source: Grunge

Another notable vanishing hitchhiker in the world is Mary or known as Resurrection Mary. Story goes that Mary was killed because of a hit-and-run accident. She was buried with her favorite white dress and shoes. Many reports have proven that this young woman is still wandering around the Archer Avenue near the Willowbrook and Resurrection Cemetery, looking for justice as his killer was never found.

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