8 Haunted Places in Europe You Don’t Want to Miss

Do you enjoy ghost stories, mysterious forests and haunted places? You will most certainly enjoy this post then. But let me warn you, it is not for the faint hearted!

Europe is known as a beautiful destination for its varied landscapes and historic buildings, but have you ever thought about venturing into any of its haunted places? The ancient continent is in fact a melting pot of cultural diversity that has hosted a great variety of rulers, philosophers, revolutions, wars and plagues. Now, imagine immersing yourself into its tortuous and tormented past by visiting some of the sites that witnessed our ancestors for so many centuries! This kind of travel might not be for everybody, but if you dare to visit any of the haunted places on our list, you may hear many eerie stories, interesting facts about history and maybe, even feel a mysterious energy during your visit.

1. Paris Catacombs, France

France is known for its charm, its cheese and wine, and its romance; but there is more than that; there are also surprising haunted places that await you in this beautiful country. For example, under Paris, “the city of love”, lays one of the largest catacombs in the world.

Imagine a 200-mile-long pile of skulls and bones stretching right under the city. These underground ossuaries were created in the late 1700’s due to the overcrowding of the cemeteries. The catacombs hold the remains of six million people, which is why many know it as ‘the world’s largest grave’. 

There are stories of people getting lost or vanishing while walking through this tunnel network, so be careful while visiting, you don’t to be one of them!

Skull wall, catacombs of Paris. Photo Credit: ASA100

2. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

This forest, located outside of Cluj-Napolca in Romania, is like something out of a movie. It is known as the “world’s most haunted forest”. There are reports of people seeing apparitions among the trees and hearing voices of women. The forest fell in the category of haunted places, after a shepherd and a flock of 200 sheep disappeared in the forest and never were seen again.

Locals are scared of wandering inside, since they believe that those who dare to enter may never come back. However, there are some brave explorers who have ventured into this place, and they’ve reported the sighting of ghosts, strange voices and also felt ill or as if they were being being scratched, with no reasonable explanation.

As if this was not enough, the malfunction of electronic devices has also been reported. That is the reason for which many say that this forest has its own Bermuda triangle within its limits. If you are thinking about exploring this place, keep your eyes open, you might find a portal to a different world, as it is believed it might exist.

Hoia Baciu Forest. Photo Credit: Transylvania Hostel

3. Belchite, Spain

Near Zaragoza, the abandoned village of Belchite still depicts the horrors of the Spanish Civil War. It became a conflict spot during this time and over 5000 people were killed – as you walk around you can still see the marks of bombings and shootings. It is known as a haunted village due to the strange noises and ghostly silhouettes that appear occasionally. Some claim that you can still hear the noise of the war planes, missiles and people crying. Much of this paranormal activity has been studied and recorded over the years and has been associated with the village’s tortuous past.

Belchite Church. Photo Credit: Escapadas Fin de Semana

4. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

This is a very peculiar hotel situated in Gloucestershire, England, and it’s known for being the most haunted hotel in the country.

It gained its reputation thanks to several reports of ghost sightings along the decades. It is said that the inn was built in a place where pagan rituals used to be celebrated. To make it even creepier, skeletons of children were found under the staircase of the inn.

If you like visiting haunted places, you must know that this British countryside inn has been the subject to numerous investigations by paranormal researchers, and it has appeared in television shows, like Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted. A must on your list!

Outside Ram Inn. Photo Credit: The Bohemian Blog
Inside Ram Inn. Photo Credit: The Bohemian Blog

5. Poveglia Island, Italy

Imagine a place that for centuries was a shelter for those escaping barbaric attacks; it was also a place of exile for the mentally ill and the deceased, and a dumping ground for death bodies. This defines the tortuous past of Poveglia, an island that sits between Venice and Lido, in Italy.

During the Bubonic Plague, which killed one third of Europeans after it arrived in 1348, Poveglia became the refuge of the exiled. Venice sent there anyone who presented any symptoms of the plague to prevent the spread of the disease. Tens of thousands of people were burned in big pyres on the island—some of the burned were still alive. The same happened later, in 1630, when the Black Death hit the city of Venice.

As if all this wasn’t enough, in the late 1800’s, Poveglia became an asylum to exile the mentally ill. It is said that strange experiments were conducted on patients for a long time, ending up with the suicide of the doctor in charge.

Nowadays, the island is abandoned and visits are prohibited. Due to the past of this place, locals are certain that there are dark forces inhabiting the island.

Inside the asylum of Povelia. Photo Credit: The Huffington Post

6. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Although a great tourist attraction per se, if you manage to avoid the crowds this is one of the most mysterious castles in the world! This place has reported numerous ghosts sightings and paranormal events. The history of the Edinburgh Castle is a very long one, and as tortuous as you could imagine: quarantine colonies, battles, imprisonment, cruelty, torture and agony, took place in here.

The past of this castle is so dark, that it is impossible to leave it behind; that is why the Edinburgh Castle, often appears in the top lists of the most haunted places of the world. Be ready to face evil forces and feel goosebumps while walking the corridors of this haunted castle!

Edingburgh Castle. Photo Credit: Traveldigg

7. The Haunted Vicarage, Borgvattnet, Sweden

This place was first reported as a haunted vicarage back in 1927, when chaplain Nils Hedlund wrote it on a letter. After him, two other chaplains that followed Hedlund, also reported seeing ghosts in the house, hearing strange noises and seeing objects moving. Some people have reported being awaken by strange presences, and also feeling as if they are being constantly observed. By 1946, chaplain Erik Lindgren, wrote down a journal in which he described all the paranormal activity he was experiencing after moving into the vicarage.

This place seems so spooky, that even Ghost Hunters International investigated the vicarage and filmed a chapter here. Are you ready for some serious paranormal activity? Head right to this place and dare to stay there for an entire night!

The Haunted Vicarage. Photo Credit: Atlas Obscura

8. Fort Horsted, Kent, United Kingdom

Fort Horsted is believed to be home to demoniac forces, capable of harming whoever they encounter. According to researchers, these dark forces might inhabit the place since ancient times; when blood sacrifices took place where the fort is now, taking the lives of many innocent people. Locals are terrified to get in there, and based on their own encounters, they assure the forces living inside are evil and dangerous.

Fort Horsted. Photo Credit: Fright Nights

Are you ready to explore these haunted places of Europe?