7 Tips for Business Travellers

Source: Business Insider

Business travel can be hectic and demanding, but it shouldn’t be something to be dreaded. With a little planning and this checklist, your business trip can go as smoothly as you intend it to be. Here are some practical tips for business travellers.

1. Charge every device you own

There’s nothing more aggravating than staring at your phone and realizing you’re out of battery. What’s even worse is when you have no charger to recharge your devices. Getting a low battery is the number one enemy of most travellers who are into business. Everybody knows how hassle and paralyzing it is. To avoid such disturbances, you need to charge every device you own before you begin your business travel. Also make sure you pack an adaptor if your destination place uses different sockets. Avoiding these complications will serve you just right. As a business traveller, applying this tip is highly essential. So that while you’re on your respective business agendas, you can switch from your smartphone to your laptop or to any device you own without disruptions.

2. Place your clothes in dry cleaner plastics

Source: Pure Green Dry Cleaning

This tip is needed for every business travellers who don’t have the time for ironing clothes. With tight schedules and on-the-go undertakings, it’s almost impossible to iron one. Demanding schedules have to be matched with flexible tactics that can adapt at any situation. Keeping your clothes in a dry cleaner plastic is the solution to every problem. In this way, the chances of having your clothes wrinkled will be reduced. Placing them inside dry cleaner bags literally minimizes wrinkles that are a result of folds and rolls, at the same time protects your clothes from unwanted scratches and dirt. It actually saves you from a lot of hassle. Thanks to dry cleaner bags, you never have to dress wrinkled in front of your business associates.

3. Make use of apps

The presence of apps is a great benefit to anyone who’s engaged in an active profession. By using this, you can increase your work’s productivity and diminish long intervals of trial-and-error and searching. It’s only fitting to make use of all the resources available for the progression of your business plans. With the abundance of apps that are made available at one download away, you can never go wrong. It’s important to rely on these apps because it transmits convenience and advancements. If you want to track your miles, you can sign up for an app like AwardWallet and monitor your miles tracked. The loads of business travel are demanding and using these apps are definitely worth your money.

4. Maintain proper exercise and diet

Source: Family Doctor

Though the call of being a business traveller requires hectic timetables, maintaining a proper diet and exercise is something that shouldn’t go down to your list. Keeping up with this one is a must because not only does it benefit your physical efficiency, it also helps wholly on your wellbeing. Being busy doesn’t mean you’ll have to miss out your diet and exercise routine. You need to find a balance between your professional and your personal needs. While going on your business trips, always keep in mind the importance of your welfare. You don’t need to sacrifice one for the other or else everything will end up not the way you want it.  Try as much as possible to stay in balance. After all, your health is the chief factor towards your drive.

5. Take pleasure in your business travels

Once in a while, it’s good to mix business and pleasure while on your business trip. There’s nothing wrong with taking an hour off a café while talking to a friend you have no business relation with. You can visit a relative who is staying at the same place your current assignment is located at, anytime convenient to your schedule. Naturally, you should take this time off not at the expense of your work. You can enjoy doing other things at your free time. It’s a good way to recharge your juices and come back productive on your work goals.

6. Pack less but more efficiently

Source: KTH

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing all the clothes you need to pack. As you go on with your trip, you need to set a differentiation between what you need from what you want. The saying, “Less is enough”, greatly applies in this area. You need to learn how to pack less in an efficient manner. Of course, when you say “pack less”, it doesn’t mean you should omit other belongings that you know are of great necessity for your travel. You just need to smartly pack your possessions in a way that will not bring another burden to your load, and determine what’s needed from what’s not. There are some things in which you think you will make use of, but as the end of your flight back arrives, you know you haven’t even use it for once. Well, admit it, you’ve found yourself in that scenario before. And apparently, there’s no need to repeat that kind of style. Pavia Rosati, founder of Fathom Way to go knows the necessity of this tip — “I think about the stuff I want to bring, and then I only bring half. And you’re still not going to wear a good two-thirds of it”, she said. And believe it or not, it works.

7. Dress nicely and appropriately

Being busy is not an excuse to looking haggard. You can’t be taken away by the stresses of your workload by looking more like a hobo instead of a business traveller. As business and travel is the game, you need to dress pleasantly and properly in accordance to what the occasion asks. If you are in a formal business deal facing your business contacts, you should of course, dress in formal attire. Or if you are simply on your way to the airport towards your booked hotel, you should as well dress comfortably and pleasantly. Either way of the two, you need to dress nicely so as to give you a fine edge. This can be applied on situations wherein flights are already oversold and the gate agents will choose among people whom they will upgrade basing on how good they’re dressed. The way you dress gives a lot of impact in the outcome of your business ordeals.