7 Incredible Benefits of Exercise Bikes

Bored of your usual exercise equipment and wanting to update your home gym instead? Or struggling to afford or make time for your gym membership? Then consider investing in an exercise bike for your home!

These are 7 incredible benefits of exercise bikes for you to consider:

1. Great cardio

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of exercise bikes is that they are great for cardio training. For your body to burn the maximum possible calories, you need to keep surprising it with new workouts. Otherwise, you risk simply plateauing and not seeing any results. Exercise bikes provide you with all the cardiovascular benefits you would get from other types of cardio exercise, strengthening your heart and respiratory system. The intense calorie-burning workout provided by exercise bikes can also help you shed weight, with different intensities being possible to meet your desired weight loss goal.

2. Strength training

In addition to cardio, exercise bikes also allow you to develop your strength. Simply adjust the resistance as required to seriously burn out your lower body. This will burn fat as well as exert your muscles, resulting in stronger and leaner legs. As you push down on the pedals, you will strengthen your quads, while pulling up strengthens the hamstrings. Your core will also get a good workout, getting stronger by way of having to support you on the bike. Shed, sweat and lean out, all thanks to your handy exercise bike!

3. Low impact exercise

Cycling is a low-impact exercise, as it does not involve running, skipping, jumping and other harmful movements often associated with cardio exercise. This makes cycling an ideal option for those with weak joints or limited movement, from the elderly to those who have not worked out in years, as it can be done at your own pace.

4. Improved joint mobility

Exercise bikes are not only gentle on your joints they can also help you strengthen them! By using your exercise bike regularly, you can improve the motion of your joints like your knees, ankles and hips. All these joints rotate when you cycle, improving their range of motion and strengthening them each time you work out.

5. Accessible and convenient

Exercise bikes can be used by anyone, from those just starting to workout to those looking for a challenge. You can set your own resistance, clip and pace on an exercise bike, and adjust it as you continue to grow more used to the workout.
One of the hardest things about working out is dragging yourself to the gym. Exercise bikes eliminate this hassle, allowing you to use any spare moment to jump on your exercise bike. Get a quick workout in first thing in the morning before the kids get up or while you watch your favourite TV show – anything is possible thanks to exercise bikes! Watch a movie, take a call, or keep an eye on the kids all while getting in your daily workout. Your workout also won’t be hindered by the weather, so no matter if it’s scorching hot or pouring down outside, you can still get in a solid workout.

6. Boosts your mood

Getting in a good workout does wonders for your mood and energy, as well as helping you lower your stress levels dramatically. Simply hop on your bike when you need a pick me up to instantly feel better and enjoy a continued improvement of your mental health the more you cycle.

7. Improves overall health

According to studies, cyclists live two years longer than those who don’t cycle and suffer 15% less illness. This means you can unlock a path to better health today by getting your very own exercise bike!






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