Haunted Castles in Europe

Got a thing for scary sites? Level up the shock with some of the most haunted castles in Europe. Well, there’s actually a lot, but we’ve run down the best of the best that will surely scare your pants off! From Brissac Castle in France down to the Frankenstein Castle in Germany, here are some scary sites that should be added into your bucket list.

P.S. Not advisable for the fainthearted!

1. Brissac Castle, France

Source: The Crazy Tourist

The Brissac Castle in France is mysteriously interesting. Tagged as tallest castle in the country, the tower is said to have been built during the 11th century. And it’s not just about its spooky towering spires that send shivers down the spine but its unfortunate history. Owned by Jacques de Breze and his unfaithful wife back in the 15th century. It has been claimed that the two did not really love each other as their marriage was based on political interest. They have different traits— the husband was inclined with outdoor activities like hunting and the wife preferred a more sophisticated lifestyle. After a hunting session, Jacques caught his wife and her lover in bed, giving him reason to murder the two. Soon, Jacques moved out of the castle as he could not stand the moaning of her dead wife and lover. There were instances that the moaning of the ghosts could still be heard today.

2. Moosham Castle, Austria

Source: The Crazy Tourist

There are lots of haunted castles in the world, but Moosham Castle in Unternberg, Austria is by far one of the most troubled. Erected in the 13th century, where the chase for witches faintly began, the castle became the site for torture and execution of women who were suspected to be witches. The archbishop of Unterberg administered the murder of thousands of young women by setting them on fire, beating and hanging them, and worst, ripping them in half between two horses. The restless spirits of these women have been lurking up to the present time, waiting for justice to be served. If you have a brave heart, conquer the eerie presence of these ghosts and you’ll definitely substantiate why this ‘Witch’s Castle’ made it to our list.

3. Leap Castle, Ireland

Source: Ireland Planner

In Ireland, a notable castle is making waves, neither because of splendor nor beauty, but because of spookiness. The Leap Castle is notoriously associated with violence from different families who became residents of the site. Some historians say that the castle was built around 1250; some also argue that it was established later during the 15th century. But even if its real age hasn’t been confirmed, many could attest the regular paranormal activities in the haunted location. History suggests that living in the castle was a coveted privilege. The families who have owned the castle, however, were not really a friendly cluster. There were lots of competition even within the family, and there was one recorded rivalry— the O’Carrolls, whose one sibling was killed by another sibling. Apart from that, a priest was killed by his angry relative in the middle of a family mass. Now, the portion in the castle is called as the ‘Bloody Chapel’. Today, there have been many accounts of eerie encounters like the Red Lady who was said to be the ghost of woman raped and killed by one of the families, the shadows near the Bloody Chapel, and even a foul smell of a decaying flesh.

4. Dragsholm Castle, Denmark

Source: Hand Luggage Only

Long before its infamous reputation as a haunted fortress, the Dragsholm Castle in Denmark wasn’t popular not until it was converted into a prison during the 16th century by the Danish inhabitants. The captives were high profile personas and some of them still wander around the premises of the castle. One famed individual who was imprisoned was the Earl of Bothwell,Ejler Brockenhuus. It seems that his spirit still lies within the location as you will hear the sound of horses stomping on the ground, which was said to be his carriage before his capture. Second on the list was a white lady who was thrown by his own father into the dungeons after discovering her affair with a servant. Lastly, the spirit of the loyal maid who still wander around the castle to make sure that everything’s in good hands. Creepy, right?

5. Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Source: Tres Bohemes

While most castles were related to scary sights and sounds of disturbed spirits, the Houska Castle is a unique fortress because of its demonic horrors. The castle was accounted to become a threshold to hell, where strange-winged creatures would come out of it. Starting from the castle’s weird location down to its distinct Gothic architecture, the place exudes a splendid yet disturbing vibe. Further, the place was taken over by Nazis, who used the castle as the location for torture and genetic testing. Many visitors reported uneasiness while being in the castle and even stray animals stay away from the castle.

6. Bran Castle, Romania

Source: Bran Castle

Probably one of the most famous because of its association to the hit horror character, Dracula. Bran Castle is linked to be the abode of the fictitious character, though it was said that Bram Stoker, the author of the recognized novel, never visited the castle. However, being the only structure in Transylvania that fits the description, Bran Castle became Dracula’s Castle. In reality, Dracula could be related to Vlad the Impaler with a surname Dracula. Vlad was legendarily known for his ruthless killings and continuous thirst for blood.

7. Dalhousie Castle, Scotland

Source: Dalhousie Castle

Till death do us part— this is a fitting tagline for this haunted structure in Scotland. Lady Catherine fell in love with a stable man but her family was against it. She was locked up to the castle tower and died at the tender age of 16. Eventually, the castle was converted into a hotel and became a prominent site for weddings and honeymoons. There have been several sightings of the heartbroken Lady Catherine inside the castle. She often appears during weddings with her grey dress with puff sleeves and pointed shoes.

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