7 Beautiful European Cities to Visit this Fall Season

Europe is beautifully blessed with all the wonderful attractions you can think of, and the best way to appreciate such wonders is during the fall foliage. There’s nothing more charming than to visit these European cities come fall, when the leaves are in full vibrant colors. Along with the spectacular scenery of lush landscapes, it’s the time of the year to explore these cities in the most captivating way.

1. Bruges, Belgium

Source: ZME Travel

Known for its clear canals along cobbled lanes, this medieval city in the northern portion of Belgium is truly one of the best spots to experience the autumn charm. Because of its strategic location, Bruges heavily relies in marine trade and tourism, which is why it is often tagged as the ‘Venice of the North’. This historic center features every touch of ancient times, which aren’t slightly affected by time― the famous 13th century belfry, the significant sculpture of ‘Madonna and Child’ by Michelangelo and the remarkable Church of Our Lady. Because of its historical prominence, Bruges is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 2000. And if you’re lucky enough to set foot to the city during fall, be at awe with the towering trees beguilingly complemented with the colorful autumn leaves.

2. London, England

Source: London Pass Blog

Visiting London during fall is certainly one of the best decisions in your life. This brimming capital of England is captivating in so many ways. There are seriously lots of interesting things to do while you are within the metropolitan, and that includes site-hopping from the popular London Eye to the significant Buckingham Palace. For those wanting a more geeky adventure, take a historical ride on the Mail Rail― a unique transportation that features some of the city’s secret pasts. Aside from sightseeing, there are also fascinating festivals on set starting from September to November such as the London Podcast Festival, London Design Festival, London Cocktail Week, London Literature Festival and so much more! Truly, you’ll never run out of exciting things to do during your visit.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Source: Time Out

What can you say with the beautiful burst of Barcelona colors? Well, only the capital of Spain can give you such breathtaking mélange of bright hues, especially during autumn. From September to November, you will be greeted with a very pleasant weather― not as hot as summer and not as cold as winter! The temperature is perfect enough to make your trip more worthwhile and you can even go to the beach during those months and enjoy the cool autumn breeze. Aside from the agreeable climate, there is an extensive array of special festivals, concerts and exhibitions. One of the most notable things to do during fall is to watch a live soccer game at Camp Nou. Even if you’re not a soccer fanatic, you’ll be at awe with the extremely large crowd of spectators supporting the return of the soccer season. After a stirring soccer game, head on to Turó de la Rovira and watch as the nestles back to its horizon.

4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Source: Grand European Travel

With its multicolored towers and significant canal system, Amsterdam should be part of your autumn bucket list. Come fall season, the city’s canal illuminates an enthralling scene of a golden landscape that extends all the way to the gabled houses. The artistic heritage also completes the coziness level during fall, by which every traveler falls deeply in love with its rather charming combination. Autumn in Amsterdam will never be fulfilled without trying these things: watching an open air cinema, exploring the moonlight museums, dancing the night away during ADE, savoring an apple pie, drinking either hot chocomel or cold Herfstbok, swimming nude at Zuiberbad and bathing in fiery foliage! These stimulating activities are definitely one for the books!

5. Rome, Italy

Source: Aliantour

For history buffs out there wanting a more satisfying trip to Italy, visiting Rome in fall will never be a disappointment. Fall is the best season to explore the ‘Eternal City’ and uncover its ancient treasures while the leaves are endearingly changing into bright colors of red, orange, and yellow. During this spectacular season, you get the chance to avoid the scorching summer heat and the wintry winter flakes, not to mention the long queues. There will be heaps of open-air concerts from seasonal celebrations like Aires Tango Festival, RomaEuropa Festival and Rome Film Fest. These festivals offer stirring theatrical performances, drama events, musical concerts that will surely hype out the festive season. And during fall, the city is speckled with countless Italian cuisines enough to satisfy all gourmet food lovers.

6. Berlin, Germany

Source: Journey Into the Ritz-Carlton

The blooming capital of Germany is ready all year round to embrace travelers all around the world. But if you want a more magical touch, then opt to visit the city when the leaves are in full yellow bloom. Every fall, Berlin transforms into a golden metropolitan enough to dazzle your eyes and melt your hearts in a second. Start your day with a peaceful stroll along Grunewald Forest, then continue your trip to the historical museums in the capital. And since fall is dubbed as the opera season, expect for theatrical performances and symphony concerts all over town, at discounted rates! All these activities are sufficient or even much more to complete a weekend treat.

7. Perthshire, Scotland

Source: Trips to Discover

When the temperature is not sweltering hot and not freezing chilly, it’s the perfect time to wander around the scenic landscape of Perthshire. This historic county located in central Scotland gives almost surreal nature views, especially during fall. The stunning terrains spotted with flower fields are well complemented with the fall foliage. The autumn colors magnificently cast a delightful scene along the clear, blue rivers and covered hillsides. For some awe-inspiring photography sessions, visit Urquhart Castle, Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, Ben Nevis, Scott Monument, Princes Street Gardens. These attractions assure a picture perfect snap!