6 Relaxing Ibiza Attractions: The Island’s Soothing Side

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Ibiza will always be tagged as one of the most popular electronic musical scenes in the world, with music lovers and travellers flocking into the frenzied scene to enjoy the ear-splitting beats and dynamic ambience. Every year, this charming island in Spain is pumped up with all the exciting rhythms you could ever dream of— from Balearic to electronic. For many years, the island has been the hub for widely-acclaimed music created by notorious DJs and emerging artists.


But did you know there’s more to Ibiza than its hectic nightlife? Yes, this island is not just a well-loved pick because of its energetic after-daylight scenes, but also because of its strikingly scattered natural marvels. Let’s unmask the unique half of this popular party island in the world, and be ready with some serious bemusement as you explore the solemn and soothing side of Ibiza that is always taken for granted.

6 Calming and Comforting Ibiza Attractions

Source: Ibiza Spotlight


Day dreamers, soul surfers and beach lovers will surely fall in love with the relaxing splendor of Ibiza. It is well immersed with laidback charms such as deep azure waters and powdery white sands that constantly lure travellers to spend a day or two within its terrain. You’ll definitely appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty of Ibiza’s scenic landscapes filled with a mélange of bright and exhilarating colors. There are also lots of tiny and old-fashioned villages you will witness along your trip.  Locals in the quieter slice of the island are mixtures of different personalities— business tycoons, celebrity stars, fancy hippies and native artists. These individuals have found their natural element within the captivating island of Ibiza. To fully convince you to let go of the deafening party beats for once, here are some breathtaking marvels of nature to entice you all year round.


1. Cova de Can Marça

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Etched in the north coast of Ibiza, Puerto de San Miguel, the cave is definitely a joy for underground enthusiasts. Even before you enter the cave, be at awe with the spectacular sea views. Once you descend into its splendor, the place radiates a rather spooky charm to all its visitors. Cova de Can Marçà may be mysteriously inaudible yet it exudes a historical importance to the entire island. The cave is more than 100, 000 years old, and natural marvels have been beautifully formed within its grounds. Over the years, the moss-coated rocks have illuminated green-like scenery below the surface. Walk forward and you will discover a Buddha Temple surrounded with some towering pillars of stalagmites and stalactites.


2. Cala Tarida

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On the west coast, an extensive stretch of fine sands lie on the tiny yet charming resort of Cala Tarida. The resort holds the record of the longest and widest dusty coastline on the western section of the island. For families, the place is a great spot to unwind as it is bounded with clear waters of blue and green. The breathtaking sunsets look like postcards coming to existence. There’s nothing spectacular than watching the sun sinking back to the sea horizon with some pretty lofty rocks on the lateral. If sunbathing isn’t your thing, then opt for a more adventurous take and go snorkeling or diving. The shallow waters on the right portion of the resort make it a go-to destination for those wanting to explore the underwater world.


3. Aguas Blancas

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The impressive coastal setting makes Aguas Blancas a top pick for people wanting a secluded vacation. You can only access this remote splendor by car. But despite of the limited accessibility, this nudist beach is popular among travellers because of its almost-surreal scenery of towering rock formations surrounding the golden sands and azure waters. The tough road going to the beach, which includes steep steps and extensive walks, may be quite challenging but it’s seriously satisfying as soon as you witness the spectacular landscape. Meet some of the locals and tourists enjoying the pristine waters. They are either naked or concealed in a reddish mud, which is often tagged as a beneficial paste for the skin.


4. Santa Eulalia

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A notable tourist spot in the island, Santa Eulalia is dreamily set in the east portion of Ibiza, where coastal scenery is one of the primary attractions. This town is a significant tourism hub as it is part of the prominent tourist resorts in the island. Because of its distinctly holiday and relaxing vibe, tourists wanting some quiet getaway would certainly consider this charming resort town. Bask under tshe bright sun in bikini and enjoy a sunset retreat with a glass of drink. And if you’re tired of the beach scenes, then head on to the one and only river, not just in Ibiza, but in the entire Balearic Islands. The river with no concrete name is bathed with fascinating flora and fauna is definitely a sight witness. It’s downright unpretentious yet extensive. Walk around the river bank and don’t worry because it’s free of charge!

5. San Carlos

Source: Indie Travel. Las Dalias Hippie Market, San Carlos

On the northeast side of Santa Eulalia, you will be greeted with the hippy village of San Carlos. The town is filled with long-haired settlers from the 60s and 70s era. Ancient farmhouses, also called as ‘fincas’, are all over the place. Most of these sites do not have water and electricity, but still attracts the tourists in a very unconventional way. As the place seems to be encircled with hippies, unsurprisingly it is rich in cultural sights. Tour along the hippy markets and get the chance to explore the colorful and interesting history of tiny town. There are also heaps of quaint shops to get you into the relaxing vibes completely. Don’t forget to strike up a bargain with the locals. And to finish off your cultural tour, don’t forget to pay homage to Es Trui de C’an Andreu— a historical museum that features a traditional Ibiza abode during the 17th century.


6. San Juan

Source: Ibiza Spotlight

A tour to the north coast of the island will never be complete without trying horseback riding. The stimulating experience of horse-riding is truly an uplifting way to appreciate the lush terrains bordered with stunning mountain ranges. Natives are there to guide you along the way, so saddle up for beautiful trek within the magnificent forests of northern Ibiza.