5 Dangerous yet Breathtaking Routes in the World

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The world is fascinatingly filled with countless attractions that never cease to amaze the naked eye. Its beauty and diversity are well combined to create a planet full of breathtaking wonders— towering mountains, endless rivers, marvelous volcanoes, powdery beaches, and so much more. But no matter how beautiful and breathtaking these spots could be, we should never forget that nature could be downright dangerous. There are different types of destinations— those that can take your breath away because of their beauty, and those that can hold your breath because of their danger. And for those who want an extreme combination of both beauty and danger, turn your attention to some of the world’s most dangerous yet stunning routes. These routes would definitely satisfy your adrenaline rush, but always keep in mind the risk and surprises along the way.

1. Darien Gap

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Stepping into two countries in one setting is definitely exciting. The rush of excitement it brings to a traveller is something worth-remembering for ages. And if you want to experience such, take a trip on the borders of Colombia and Panama through the Darién Gap. However, Darién Gap is not your ordinary route. It is a lawless wilderness that is pouring with danger, from deadly animals to anti-government guerillas. The place is also surrounded wih migrants from different parts of the world, whose desperation for human survival leads them to gruesome crimes like kidnapping, murder, and the like.

However, despite of its risks, the route continues to be a very fascinating path to uncover. You can reach the end of the route through hiking or riding canoes as most of Darién rainforest is not covered with roads. Only limited and extreme travellers would want to experience a remote and roadless band of jungle, populated with indigenous people and natural dangers. You might just be one of the few people to set foot in the untouched yet exciting path of Darién Gap.

2. The Death Road

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Tagged as the most dangerous road in the world, the Death Road in Bolivia is bordered by over 3000-foot of towering cliffs, with more than 100 fatalities every year. The route may be considered as risky ride, but it is still one of the most visited paths in the country as it links the northern region to its capital. Thus, travellers venturing the road should always take into account the vehicle type. It is best to choose high-quality and reliable vehicles that are versatile enough to go through off the beaten track with comfort and convenience. You should also ready yourself with numerous high elevations, harsh terrains and narrow stretches, as well as the normal occurence of tumbling buses and trucks all throughout the journey.

So, for thrill-seekers wanting some extreme adventure and breathtaking views of the Andes, you will never go wrong with an encounter in the Death Road. You can ride your favorite 4WD car or pedal your way up, but just remind yourself of the multiple risks along with the magnifence this route has to offer.

3. James Dalton Highway

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Located in Alaska, James Dalton Highway is the longest stretch of remote road in North America, with over 200 miles of serviceless journey— no gas stations, no shops, no restaurants or whatsoever. The road is considered as one of the most dangerous roads in the world because of its infamously long route surrounded with endless ice surface and scenic alpine meadows (not to mention some wild moose on the loose).

To conquer the long and winding James Dalton Highway, you need to be prepared, not just with the extra gas tanks, but also some basic necessities for survival like plenty of food supplies, clothes, medicines and the like. You must not take this road lightly, especially during winter as the high winds and icy weather can make your trip more difficult and worst of all, the journey in the middle of nowhere can be very tiring.

4. Guoliang Tunnel Road

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Passing through numerous tunnels with over 10 feet high and 12 feet wide makes this road in China live up to its name—‘the road that tolerates no mistakes’. Yes, venturing this road is either a success or tragedy. Gualiang Tunnel Road was intricately hollowed out from the sides of a mountain by the local villagers, who mostly died during the construction. Though there is neither traffic nor deadly species on the road, it is still inherently dangerous because of its very steep elevation of terrains that provides extreme views of treacherous landscape that lies beneath your path.

Accordingly, Gualiang Tunnel Road is not just one of the steepest paths in the world, but also one of the interesting attractions to visit in China. It holds a spectacular combination of chiseled mountain tunnels and insane Chinese scenery that will definitely leave every traveller at awe with its dangerously beautiful setting.

5. Himalayan Roads

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The journey from India to Tibet or vice versa is not just a typical land journey. It is encircled with beauty and jeopardy that leads it ranking to become one of the most dangerous routes in the world. Yes, the Himalayas roads are so bad yet fascinating to partake because of its network of narrow and slippery paths that causes untimely accidents of crashed cars and tumbled buses. The stunning views along with the thrilling quest may be your ultimate reasons to venture these roads. As you can imagine, driving in unpaved patches of dirty road with steep climbs and too many potholes can be pretty terrifying, however heading on top of the world’s highest elevations may be way exciting.

Choosing an impeccable off-road vehicle with a proven track record is a great way to start  your journey. The trip also requires a tough heart and in depth attention to surmount this notoriously dangerous road or else you might be included in the list of unfortunate people who didn’t finish the trip. Always remember that the Himalayan mountain range contains some of the treacherous sections in the world, as well as notable disasters because of torrential floods and landslides. Thus, its beauty is well compensated with dangers lurking all throughout your journey.

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