3 Food Combinations that Make You Fat

There are numerous studies covering the topic of food combinations. The most known discipline about food combinations is Ayurveda – which has a very deep and restrictive set of principles being very hard to apply and memorise. Most of those principles focus on the effect of different food combinations to your health and avoidance of toxic metabolites. If you look at a typical restaurant dish – chances are it is not a good combination in Ayurveda terms, but that is outside the scope of that article.

Today I will talk about common food combinations that cause your body to store fat. Fast and slow carbs definitions are used throughout the article. The difference is how fast they are absorbed by your body. Fast carbs trigger a rapid blood sugar level spike, while slow carbs create a slower release of sugar levels, allowing more balance and control over your appetite and insulin.

1. Alcohol + fast carbs

Does it ring a bell? Beer + chips? Beer + chips  + chicken wings or steak? Amazing isn’t it? Well that’s one of the most common combinations that causes your body to store everything as fat. According to research, alcohol calories receive a royal treatment by your body. They get the top priority in your metabolism for energy release purposes, thus effectively making everything that you consume being stored as fat. Fast carbs are called so for a reason. Normally they go straight to fuel and any excess leftovers get converted to fat, however with alcohol claiming the number 1 spot in your metabolism hierarchy, fast carbs happily go straight to fat. Amazing! Don’t forget to order chips with beer!

Alcohol by itself will not be converted to fat unless it comes in a form of sugary cocktail. This is due to Acetate (which is metabolite of alcohol), inhibiting the process of fat synthesis. If you want to control your body fat while occasionally having a drink, avoid such combination at all costs. If there is a single combination that makes you put on weight, it’s this one.

2. Fast carbs + more carbs

There is no rocket science behind this one. Coke with your pasta meal. Orange juice with your cereals, etc. Combinations are endless. The biggest offender here is the soda. If you have soda on top of your carb-rich meal, you perfectly know where you calories will end up. All converted into fat! Moreover, the stress caused to your body by the unlimited insulin production is extremely bad. On the other hand, this food combination is not that common unless you tend to have a soda drink together with a meal. It’s quite simple to fix – avoid sugary drinks with meals! Have water instead, or even better, have a drink 30 minutes before or after the meal, as studies suggest that drinking during meal times is not beneficial in the first place.

3. Starch + animal protein

Here comes the burger, sandwich and god knows what else. That combination is one of the biggest offenders in Ayurveda. Literally any book you read on food combining will beg you to stop doing this one. The claim is that starch and protein are digested by different enzymes which cannot co-exists together, but what matters the most is that such combo makes you fat! The worst part is that such combo is being offered to us in every single food stall you can find. The worst is when such combo is supported by fast carbs like the white bread, chips and sugary sauces in most of burgers, cheese steaks, hot dogs and sandwiches.

Bottom line

If you are following some kind of exercise and food regime and aim to keep your body fat under control, I insist on avoiding the above combinations. If you want to have a beer – please go ahead, but avoid having beer with typical beer snacks like crisps, chips or chicken wings. This is the recipe for extra fat storage in your body. If you want to know more about food combining I recommend reading Ayurveda food combinations studies to get the idea of it; they have interesting grounds behind their claims, however I wouldn’t rely on them as being written in stone. Moreover, they are difficult to follow and will make most of popular dishes redundant.


Are there any food combinations you find particularly harmful? Let us know in comments!