10 Tips to Travel Safe Around the World

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En route to conquer the world? Travelling to different countries is both fulfilling and intimidating. The uniqueness of each land awakens your curiosity to the highest level and gives a sense of freedom that soothes the soul in the most unconventional way. Truly, the unknown will always be one of the most exciting adventures you can embark with. And if you have decided to pack your bags and discover the beauty kept hidden by the borders of each territory, then you got to be ready at all times. The world is interesting and charming, and sometimes frightening and demanding. Keep in mind these tips and advices to travel around the world safely and trouble-free!

1. Learn the Basic Phrases

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Speaking English is the easiest way to communicate as it is used universally. However, there are places that do not know how to use such. Hence, it is best to learn some basic phrases before you head on to a new place. Learning the local language, even simple greetings like ‘Good Day’, ‘Thank You’, and ‘I’m Sorry’ will really make your trip more convenient, and will surely create a nice impact to the locals. Locals appreciate tourists who go the extra mile just to talk to them.

2. Plan Ahead but Be Flexible

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Planning is the best preparation you can do before you travel. List your itinerary— the places to visit, the people to meet, and things to buy. Creating an everyday plan helps you maximize your time in a place. But of course, little surprises can often ruin your plans. So, flexibility is a must. Well, you can’t always dictate the uncertainties of life, and the best thing you can do is to be flexible. Backup plans are great to save your day, really.

3. Pack According to Your Travel Duration

No need to bring your entire wardrobe if you’ll just be out for a day or two. That would be downright insensible to bring lots of clothes considering the short span of your travel. Always take into account your travel duration when you pack your things. Pack light as much as possible to avoid hassle. Who would want to keep dragging two to three luggages while commuting? No one. Also, don’t forget to bring a small bag that you can just bring out anywhere.

4. Prepare your OOTDs

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If you are a wanderer and a style-setter at the same time, then it’s best to prepare your OOTDs ahead of time. Create a list of your daily mix and match— from layering to minimalist ensembles. In preparing your getup, consider the weather of the place. Bring jackets and scarves if you’ll be visiting during winter or bikinis and sarong if you’ll arrive on summer. Having a pre-planned outfit will certainly save time and effort, and no more regrets while scanning your old pictures.

5. Always Have Cash

Cash is a must-have for every traveller. Most places accept only cash payments, especially in remote areas. And before you convert your money to the local currency, make sure that you are transacting in an authorized money changer or better yet check the latest exchange rate ahead of time. Aside from cash, also bring an extra cash card and credit card with you. Misfortunes happen, and they’re quite normal during stimulating adventures. You don’t want to be stuck there forever with no funds or whatsoever, right?

6. Make Use of Maps

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Maps are seriously travel-savers. Getting lost in an unfamiliar territory is totally terrifying, not unless you are a complete fan of misadventures. But with the help of a paper full of lines, symbols, and more, you’ll be more excited to venture the unknown. And of course, h the upsurge of technology makes everything easier and faster. Travel apps and offline maps bring you to your destinations in a couple of clicks. 

7. Don’t Forget to Bring Extras

Extra clothes, underwear, batteries— these are just some of the few essentials you should bring with you. Remember, there are times when luggages get lost while in transit. That is why it is advisable to always bring a hand-carry bag with all your important items in it. Aside from the extras, all your travel documents, including your money, must always go in your small bag to avoid future disappointment. You never know when emergencies hit you like a lightning bolt.

8. Get a Travel Insurance

The beauty of travelling is limitless, but you should always remember that life can be surprising at times. Many would say ‘YOLO or You Only Live Once’. Well it’s true. Live life to the fullest yet also know your limitations. Misfortunes give spice to life in the most unpleasing manner. Thus, being prepared is the best remedy, and having travel insurance is one of the most important preparations every traveller must consider. An insurance coverage makes every travel more worthwhile and secured.

9. Make Friends with the Locals

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Friendships come in the most unexpected ways. Create a bond that will last for a lifetime. Making new friends from different parts of the globe is definitely one of kind. Never be afraid to talk with the locals. Strike up a conversation and immerse yourself with the distinctness of each culture and tradition. Every person is different, and you can only truly appreciate a place once you try to be one with the locals.

10. Be Mindful at All Times

Enjoy fully, but with caution. You never know what’s on the other side of the spectrum. There are those who will welcome you with open arms, there are also those who will take advantage of your presence. Remember, you are just a visitor wanting to see the beauty of a certain place. Respect differences and keep an open mind. Be sure to keep an eye of your belongings, especially the important ones like your passport, identification cards, wallet, equipment and the like. It’s better safe than sorry.

The Bottom Line

Venturing the unknown is very exciting. It’s one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life. Travelling lets you experience a whole new dimension of living— visiting beautiful places, eating exotic cuisines, learning new language, meeting different people, and many more. Never settle within the four corners of your home. Share with us some of your important travel tips!