10 Stunning Beaches in Portugal


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There’s much more to Portugal than it’s classical castles and tasty tapas.  It’s filled with natural wonders that continue to impress  travellers from all around the world.  From powdery white sands to beautifully carved rock formations, here are some of the most stunning beaches in Portugal.

1. Praia da Adraga

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Tagged as one of the most remarkable beaches in the country because of its spectacular scenery, Praia da Adraga is definitely a must-visit beach destination in Portugal. Despite of its semi-remote location, the beach is always jam-packed, especially during weekends. Families would take some time to flock the place and enjoy the amazing nature backdrop— from jagged cliffs to golden sands. And since the area is notable for big waves, it is also a top hit for surfers.

2. Praia da Miramar

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Located miles away from the south of Porto region, Praia da Miramar nestles in complete isolation with fine sands and huge waves ideally surrounding the place. You will appreciate, not just the utter magnificence of nature, but also the fascinating little chapel on the water’s edge— the Capela do Senhor da Pedra. The chapel holds an annual celebration every June.

3. Praia da Marinha

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Praia da Marinha is another popular beach, not just in Portugal, but in the whole world. It is dubbed to be one of the most beautiful beaches because of its towering rock formations, as well as its clear blue waters. The entire beach scenery is picture perfect, but going to the place may be a challenge. It is accessible only through a car as there are no public transports that will direct you to the place. However, the small challenge you experience before reaching the beach is compensated with the breathtaking beauty of the area.

4. Praia da Falesia

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With over six kilometers of fine, golden sands, Praia da Falesia is undeniably blessed with beach marvels.  Being one of the longest beaches in the country, many tourists visit the place day by day to witness and experience the combination of laid-back atmosphere and exceptional natural attractions. Along with the gigantic cliffs enclosing the area, charming dune plants like sea bindweed and sea daffodils also help in creating a lovely scene. The area can easily be reached through public transport, consequently making it more popular among families and tourists.

5. Praia do Porto de Mos

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Ideally situated in the Lagos region, Praia do Porto de Mos is a wide-stretched beach filled with captivating multi-hued cliffs and golden powdery sands.  Hidden caverns along the coast also create an attractive scene in the beach stretch, making the place such a coveted travel destination. There are several accommodations in the beach that will help you laze around, while enjoying the stunning views perched atop the lofty cliffs. Thus, you don’t have to worry as to where to spend the night because you’re not just greeted with the spectacular scenery of the beach, but also the charming convenience of the setting.

6. Praia de Tavira

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Probably the most visited beach in Portugal, Praia de Tavira is a long-stretched beach that ranges along the south region of Tavira.  Because of its extensive beach coverage, it extends up to the Ria Formosa National Park, where maze of marshlands, canals and barrier islands are harmoniously etched into perfection. The Praia de Tavira beach has become one of the country’s finest and most visited beaches as the place features a lot of wonderful lures— dusty sands, calm sea waters, soothing ambiance and awe-inspiring landscapes. You can only reach the beach through riding a ferry, so you need to check the schedules first before venturing the place. And if you want to spend a serene night by the beach, there is a nice campsite on the island named Camping Ilha de Tavira.

7. Praia de Odeceixe

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To all hippies out there, Praia de Odeceixe may just be your ultimate beach destination. Strategically positioned at the northern portion of Costa Vicentina and within the Vicentine Coast Natural Park, the beach takes pride with its relaxed atmosphere with a hint of tough backdrop bursting with steep cliffs. The southern part of the beach shelters a small cove, which is tagged as a nudist beach because of its almost untouched features.  And to make your beach trip more comfortable, there are lots of bars and restaurants scattered all over the place to provide you with all your needs.

8. Praia da Nazare

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Surfers all around the world must visit this beach at least once. It is definitely a lifetime experience. Why? Well, Praia da Nazare boasts of its gigantic waves that could reach up to 78 feet! The beach has been very notable for being a surfing bucket list by many professional and newbie surfers from different parts of the globe. Consequently, the place became a significant tourist attraction internationally. And aside from the challenging waves continuously attracting the surfers, the extensive sandy beaches, along with the picturesque setting, makes every trip to Praia da Nazare a very memorable one.

9. Praia da Figueira

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In order to set foot in this impressive beach destination, you need to challenge yourself for a long journey of walking. You need to walk for at least 30 minutes to reach Praia da Figueira. The view after the tiring trip is definitely wonderful. And though the beach is often a deserted one because of its remote location, adrenaline junkies and adventurers never miss to visit the place with vigor and enthusiasm.

10. Praia de Caminha

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Also known as Praia da Foz do Minho Beach, Praia de Caminha is idyllically set in the northernmost part of the country, where the powerful waves and fine sands meet dramatically for a splendid beach escapade. The beach is positioned on the river that separates Portugal from Spain, creating a rather unique setting. Not only that, the classical Forte de Insua— a 17th century chapel, is beautifully situated 200 meters around the coastline. Wander slightly and you will walk through the pine forests of Camarido National Park. And from afar, you will witness the striking scenery of another country— Spain.



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