11 Benefits of Running Daily That Will Change Your Life

Source: Pledge Sports

We all know that running is one of the most popular forms of physical fitness. However, there are countless benefits to running which many people do not know. If you are looking for a quick, simple and economical way of keeping yourself fit, you should try running. Here are 11 awesome benefits of running daily guaranteed to change your life:

1. Mental Well-Being

Running has a relaxing effect on the brain. The feeling of satisfaction you get from this activity is guaranteed to release endorphins in the brain to create a general sensation of happiness. Thus, running not only serves as a stress-buster, but it also helps to keep depression at bay

2. Improves Lung Power

When you run, your heartbeat increases, causing the body to require more oxygen. Running puts an additional load on your lungs, resulting in more rapid breathing, which in turn strengthens your lung tissues, making your lungs more powerful.

3. Prevents High Blood Pressure

With the deep breathing that you do while running you exercise not only the muscles of your limbs but also the arteries which become more flexible, thereby reducing your risk to high blood pressure and other cardio-vascular problems.

4. Heightened Immunity

Once you start running on a regular basis, you will notice that your resistance to infection increases. Running on a regular basis stimulates the immune system, and you will find that you fall ill less frequently as a result.

5. Weight Control

A big plus point of running is the weight control factor. The consensus as a result of numerous surveys is that you burn about 100 calories for every mile you run. This alone is a motivation for running a few miles every day. A combination of calorie control and daily running is the perfect formula for weight loss.

6. Become more Confident

Once you start running on a regular basis, you will set goals for yourself regarding distance or time dedicated to running. You will need to incorporate your running into your daily schedule, where you need to get up and go jogging for a fixed period every day. The sense of achievement you get from successfully achieving these daily goals will boost your confidence levels.

7. Builds Strong Legs

With a daily running regimen of running, you will notice that your legs become more muscular and more powerful. This exercise helps, especially if you are on your feet for most of the day. Moreover, later in life, you will be less likely to develop problems with your legs like weak knees or other leg-related problems that accompany old age. As running also strengthens bones, you will be less prone to develop osteoporosis later on in life if you run regularly.

8. Increases Stamina

A person who runs regularly will have high endurance levels. This activity is likely to make you more energetic and compared with an individual who does not run; you will get tired less frequently. Thus, by jogging, you make your body stronger, and you will have the capacity to handle physical work for a longer period.

9. Diabetes Control

If you have high blood-sugar levels, running is one of the best remedies to help to keep your sugar levels under control. The physical exertion on the body stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin. Running also has the effect of increasing the body’s sensitivity to insulin, which also maintains sugar levels. However, be sure to keep monitoring your sugar levels while running and your doctor will also help you set your running schedule to avoid hypoglycemia.

10. Time to Reflect

In your otherwise hectic day, the time you spend running is the time that you are on your own, left to your thoughts and reflections. This period is an excellent opportunity to think about things that have been bothering you in perspective and perhaps arrive at a solution. You can also plan ahead during your run so that you are raring to take on the new day once your jogging session is over.

11. Improves Vision

Exercise in general and running, in particular, is known to have a positive effect on eyesight Studies over a period have revealed that people who exercise regularly show a significant reduction in risk to cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Your Key to Good Health

So that is how it is. Yes, running is a great form of exercise which will benefit you in more ways than you ever could have imagined. These are just a few of the significant benefits. There are numerous ways by which you can improve your overall well-being by running regularly. So make a plan today, start running from tomorrow, to invest in a lifelong habit that will remain with you for years to come!